Would You Pay A Barber To Take Off His Clothes?

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Would you get your hair cut by someone naked?

To black men, the barbershop is a community space. While the Christian church has been a community center for the general black community since slavery times, the barbershop has been a black male community center since its inception. You could even say black people gathered around grooming even before that.


But with the barbershop being such a black male space, there is a lot of homophobia and toxic masculinity in those rooms. A recent video concerning Lil Nas X and Kevin Hart showed just that.

But with that in mind, would Black men (and straight men in general) feel comfortable having their hair cut by a man without any clothes on?


Our friends over at Aazios brought a Georgia barber and his Instagram account to our full attention. Brandon Carrington is a licensed barber living in Atlanta, Georgia. But that’s not all. Carrington is also a NSFW Twitter account user and an OnlyFans model.


And now, it looks like Carrington is trying to merge the two jobs together by offering “Nude Cuts.” For $80 (yes, you read that right), Carrington or one of his friends will gladly give a customer a fresh cut while walking around without any clothes on. Some of the online ads also mention a shot or two of alcohol and an oil rubdown as add-ons.

At first, this story looked like a crazy but palatable entrepreneurial move. We looked at it sort of like the next step in the gay Boxers/shirtless baristas market. There’s no shame in the game, after all. And offering nude cuts will certainly get gay/bi men of color in the door. (Though, definitely not straight men).


But after taking a look at the NSFW Twitter page, this set up is looking a little more NSFW than what we first imagined. But again, we’re sure Carrington and his crew are racking up and making stacks of money. So who are we to judge?

What do you think? Would you pay for a nude cut? Should more barbers offer this optional service? Or do you think it’s a touch too far? Let us know your thoughts down below?

Sources: Aazios

14 thoughts on “Would You Pay A Barber To Take Off His Clothes?”

  1. i alexis p smalls would pay brandon curington to cut my hair and sit his naked butt smothering my face and tummy and sit his revealing butt on my lap until i bust a nut.

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  3. yes I will pay the barber to be naked as he cuts my hair and trims my body hair. I am in Columbus, Ohio. lets make this happen guys. whose game

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