X-Men’s Iceman Had His First Gay Kiss

Marvel Comics

Iceman had his first gay kiss (again!).

The comic book hero has had interesting year or two.

The X-Men member has had to come out twice now and now even gets his first gay kiss twice too.

You see, there’s currently two canon iterations of the character right now. One that we’ve all known and loved for years and a younger version of him that’s done some time traveling into our time.

It was the younger version that came out first and then subsequently got his first gay kiss.

Then, having his younger version come out caused the closeted Iceman of our time to finally face his sexuality. Afterwards, he’s been adjusting to that, coming out to his parents, doing a little dating, and now he’s gotten to kiss a guy himself.

You can either buy the comic to read the entire scene, or you can check out some of the fated scene down below.

Marvel Comics


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