Lesbian Couple Sues French Government After Being Denied Right To Name Their Son Ambre

A lesbian couple in France was blocked from naming their son Ambre.

According to French news source The Local, a lesbian couple from Brittany region’s Morbihan department was upset in January when the government banned them from naming their baby boy “Ambre.”

Ambre is the feminine version of the French word Ambroise meaning mortal. Despite the gender of the word being recognized as female, very few women are given this name in France. Due to this, the couple thought it right to give their son the name.

Unfortunately for them, the registrar reported them to a prosecutor who didn’t agree with their decision, according to Telegraph. This prosecutor said that naming the boy Ambre could confuse and harm the child. The reasoning being that it’s a girl’s name.

In France, names are often changed and altered to be gender-specific. For instance, a girl will be named Jean and a boy will be named Jeanne. In addition, French parents used to pick names for their children from a government approved list of “prenoms,” according to the Local.

While that original list has since been thrown away, the government still interferes if they think the name chosen by parents is potentially harmful to their children.

Back to the two mothers, they sued the government, with the help of the gay parents association Les Enfants d'Arc-en-Ciel, and initially won the case with the judge saying there were no ground for rejecting the name. Then in July, the decision was appealed. The retrial is now set for next year.

"Society is very unfair, it lets ridiculous first names pass," said one of the mothers to French news sources.

The retrial is set for April, 2019, and the baby’s name is legally in limbo until then.

h/t: The Local, Telegraph

Gay Family Separated By Airline During 'Family Boarding'

A same-sex couple traveling from San Francisco to Taipei via EVA Air was apparently told only one of the men could board the flight with their child during family boarding.

According to his Twitter account, Jeff Cobb and his husband made a point of getting to their gate at the San Francisco airport in order to board early and get settled with their 19-month-old child.

But upon arrival, Cobb was informed that it was airline policy to only allow ONE parent to board early with a child. But when Cobb joined his husband onboard after waiting in the normal line, it turns out straight families were allowed to board all together.

“My husband and I were told only one of us could join our 19 month old in the family boarding group of EVA Air 27 from SFO on 9/1/18,” Cobb shared via Twitter. “I explained we were both the fathers of the child, and they said it was their policy that only one parent can board...and the other has to wait in the normal line. Not having flown EVA before, I accepted it and let my husband and child go while I boarded later. When I met him on the plane, he said there were many other (straight) families all boarding together."




When the family boarded their connecting flight on the same airline in Thailand, no one at the gate raised an issue of ‘one parent per child’ boarding.

Cobb expressed his consternation with EVA Air: “I’m very disappointed that the EVA ground staff at SFO thinks it’s ok to separate same-sex families during boarding. I will definitely not be flying this airline again after this incident.”



According to Attitude, the airline issued a statement in response to the kerfuffle saying the incident was “due to a misunderstanding.”

“EVA Air and most especially our San Francisco International Airport team sincerely apologise to all the passengers affected by this incident.

“It is our policy that passengers traveling with infants can have priority boarding. The policy does not limit the number of accompanying adults or specify the relationship to the infant.

“This unfortunate incident was due to misunderstanding. Our San Francisco ground-handling agent understood that only one parent could board with an infant.

“We have apologised to our passengers and reminded our airport staff and agents about our priority boarding policy so that we can prevent this kind of incident from happening again.”

What do you think, readers?

Was this just a ‘misunderstanding,’ or was there something else in play here?

(h/t Attitude)

New Documentary "Gay Hollywood Dad" To Premiere On Amazon Video

We’ve just discovered an adorable and fun documentary that will air in the near future.

Margin Films has announced the upcoming release of the documentary Gay Hollywood Dad by and starring Quentin Lee.

According to Broadway World, the film follows Lee has he adapts to becoming a father of a newborn baby through surrogacy. “What have I gotten myself into!?” thinks Lee as he explores the first six weeks of being a single father living in Los Angeles. Viewers witness that timeline starting from cutting the umbilical cord to bringing the baby to his first independent film premiere.

Gay Hollywood Dad was originally planned to be a web series, but was later changed into a feature-length film that will now premiere on August 2nd at the New York Asian American International Film Festival. Then, it will appear online on August 3rd through Amazon Instant Video.

Quentin Lee, and son Casper, are joined by filmmakers Adrian Ho and Viet Dang, gestational carrier Crystal Primavera, and actresses Tamlyn Tomita ("Teen Wolf", The Joy Luck Club), Julia Nickson (Rambo: First Blood Part II, Half-Life), Akemi Look (The Unbidden) and Elizabeth Sung (Memoirs of a Geisha, LETHAL WEAPON 4).

While most of us will have to wait until August 3 to watch the feature-length film, the first episode of the web series was uploaded online last year. To get a better idea of what the film will be like, you can watch the series pilot down below.

h/t: Broadway World

Tom Daley And Dustin Lance Black Welcome New Baby Boy

British Olympic diver Tom Daley and Hollywood producer/screenwriter Dustin Lance Black have announced the birth of their first child.

The couple sharedwith the internet back in February that they were expecting to both celebration and disdain.

While fans cheered, there were several conservatives who attacked the couple for planning to raise a child without a mother and having a child through surrogacy.

All of that darkness and negativity didn’t stop the couple from loving their unborn child and the future they planed together.

Now, that future has come to pass as Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black have announced the birth of their newborn son named Robert Ray Black-Daley.

Wrote Black: “Welcome to the world little Robbie Ray. Thank you for bringing so much love and light with you. And thank you to those who helped make our dream of having a family into this wonderful reality.”

Wrote Daley: “Welcome to the world our precious little Robbie Ray Black-Daley. The amount of love and joy you have brought into our life is immeasurable, our precious little son”

More: New Study Says Kids Of Gay Parents Grow Up Just Fine

That’s not all though. The couple didn’t just announce little Robbie Ray’s birth on Twitter, they also did it through the Time of London print edition..

As one fan found in their newspaper, Robbie Ray appears in the Births, Marriage, and Deaths corner of the newspaper.

The message says, “BLACK-DALEY On 27th June 2018 to Thomas Robert Daley and Dustin Lance Black, a son, Robert Ray.”

While we’re sure that the trolls are coming, or have already arrived in the replies to both tweets, we hope that the love and celebrations of fans of news sources will outweigh the hate.

Congratulations to the happy family, we wish you the best.

New Study Shows No Difference In Outcome of Children Raised By Gay Parents Or Straight Parents

A new study by Italian scientists says that the psychological adjustment in children of same-sex parents is the same for kids of heterosexual parents.

Professor Roberto Baiocco, PhD, and several of his colleagues from Sapienza University of Rome have conducted a survey to see the difference in how children grow up depending on whether their parents are gay men, lesbian women, or a straight couple.

The Study, titled With Same-Sex or Different-Sex Parents, Child Outcomes Linked to Family Functioning, was published by Wolters Kluwer and appears in the Journal of Development & Behavioral Pediatrics.

The study included 70 gay fathers who had children through surrogacy, 125 lesbian mothers who had children through donor insemination, and 195 heterosexual couples who had children through spontaneous conception. In addition, the children were between the ages of 3 to 11 years old.

After obtaining the participants, the scientists split them up into three groups which were categorized by “child characteristics.”

From there, parents were asked a series of questions based on their ability to act successfully as a parent (self-agency), extent of agreement/adjustment between parents, family functioning, and the child's psychological adjustment which the scientists defined as their “strengths and difficulties.”

The results of the study found that there was no major differences between the psychological adjustment of children in any of the groups of families, and scores were in the normal range for all.

In fact, the study found that children of same-sex parents had slightly fewer reported difficulties than children of heterosexual parents.

Plus, gay fathers especially showed some better indicators of family functioning than lesbian and straight couples. Professor Baiocco suggests that this may be because of the high level of commitment needed for gay men to become parents via surrogacy. He also noted that the gay fathers were older, economically better off, better educated, and had more stable relationships than the other two groups.

Lastly, Professor Baiocco and coauthors wanted to express that these results have special significance in Italy where same-sex couples cannot legally access assisted reproduction techniques.

"The present study warns policy-makers against making assumptions on the basis of sexual orientation about people who are more suited than others to be parents or about people who should or should not be denied access to fertility treatments."

Ecuador's Constitutional Court Ruled In Favor Of LGBTQ Families

A seven-year-old girl will now have her name registered and recognized by the Ecuadorian government, and that has some fantastic repercussions for gay marriage in the country.

A historical Constitutional Court decision was made recently in Ecuador in relations to the rights of a young girl.

The court decided in favor of seven-year-old Satya Amani Bicknell Rothon who was in court to decide if her rights had been violated. The court ultimately agreed so and ordered the Civil Registry office to register the girl’s full name. That name includes the surnames of her two mothers.

Helen Bicknell and Nicola Rothon are the parents of young Satya and both were overjoyed to hear the news of their court win.

"We knew we were going to win, but we did not know when..." Helen Bicknell said Wednesday during a press conference. "This is the result of efforts of collective articulation, the Ombudsman activated a jurisdictional guarantee, but everything would not have been possible without the support of the organizations." 

But it’s not just the Bicknell Rothon family that’s celebrating. LGBTQ rights advocates are also happy to hear of the court decision.

By ruling to have Satya’s full name registered, the court is also recognizing the marriage between Satya’s mothers.

Judge Tatiana Ordenana, who made the groundbreaking decision, said all children have the right to be registered, no matter what type of family they come from.

In addition, José Luis Guerra, one of the Bicknell Rothon’s lawyers, says that this is a big step in recognizing diversity and LGBTQ families.

h/t: Telesur

Babies Galore: Lance Bass & Michael Turchin Are Ready For Parenthood!

Lance Bass and his super cute husband Michael Turchin are ready to take the next step in their relationship: parenthood!

“Just last week, [we] really started the process,” the former NSYNC star told Entertainment Tonight recently. “So we’re excited, and it’s going a lot faster than we ever thought, which is kind of freaking me out.”

The two have gotten very detail oriented about them becoming (actual) daddies.

"I thought we had a good, like, year to really choose things, but it’s happening so fast,” Lance said. “I mean, we’ve met with surrogates, we’re looking at eggs, we now have the person representing us, and contracts are being made, and it’s such a process that we had no idea existed. But it’s also fascinating too. It’s already amazing.”

Turns out parenthood was one of the many reasons why Lance married Michael in the first place. "I mean, the reason I wanted to get married to this guy is I know he’ll be an amazing dad," he also told Entertainment Tonight.

Lance and Michael got married back in December of 2014 which was televised for the world to see. He would be the fourth member from NSYNC to enter the world of parenthood, as Justin Timberlake, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirpatrick all have kids.  Your move... JC Chasez.




New Anti-Discrimination Campaign Uses Real Gay Parents As Its Spokespeople

A national ad campaign to fight against discrimination based on sexual orientation is using a real life family as the faces of the movement.

Jami and Krista Contrearas are a happy couple living in Oak Park, Michigan. The married couple, along with their two children, just want a chance at the American dream. To work, to succeed, to be happy, and to be seen as equal. Unfortunately, that’s not what they’ve been given.

Three years ago, the couple brought their then six day old newborn child to a local pediatrician. They were surprised when a different doctor walked into the room. Asking where they’re regular doctor was, they were told, “I'm going to be your doctor, your doctor prayed on it and decided she won't see you all today,”

While Jami and Krista aren’t new to being discriminated against because of their sexual orientation, this was the first time that the discrimination was passed down to their children.

“We spoke to other people and they would say well they can’t do that… that’s not legal and we looked into it and it was legal,” Jami told local news source WXYZ.

In the United States, 31 states, including Michigan, still allow for discrimination in employment, housing, and social services (like restaurants or doctors’ visits) based on sexual orientation.

Due to this upsetting story, Jami, Krista, and their two kids have now become the faces of new ad campaign Beyond I Do, which hopes to bring to the public’s attention the fact that discrimination is still legal in a majority of the country.

You can check out more information about the campaign, facts on discrimination based sexual orientation, and more at Beyond I Do’s website.

h/t: WXYZ

Single Father Karamo Brown Had A Heart-To-Heart With Twitter About Parenting

We here at Instinct have already shared how much we love Karamo Brown (just look at all the articles we've written about him!), but WOW does this guy make it hard NOT to love him.

Acting as one of the new Fab Five, Karamo Brown has found that being on the road to produce Queer Eye is a challenging job. While he’s loving what he’s doing, he also feels bad about being on the move away from his sons. As a single father on the road, he can’t help but feel a little guilty.

As Karamo tweeted out yesterday (April 16), these feelings won't go away.

As you might expect, all of his followers and fans (and even some strangers who just happened to come across the tweet) shared words of love and acceptance back at the rising star.

We at Instinct Magazine have to, again, express how much we love Karamo Brown for how goal-driven he is while still keeping his humanity and down-to-earth personality.

We know his sons are honored to be his children and we’re sure that they love their dad for the work that he is doing.

Steve Coogan And Paul Rudd Learn How To Play House In New Film "Ideal Home"

A new trailer is out for a film about a gay couple learning how to parent.

Ideal Home stars Steve Coogan and Paul Rudd as a celebrity chef named Erasmus and his directing husband named Paul.

The two fight often and live a hectic life but they ultimately love each other. Things change for them though after finding out that Erasmus has a 10-year-old grandson named Bill (played by Jack Gore). Now, they have to change their lives and learn how to raise the boy right.

The movie first premiered in February at the 2018 Mardi Gras Film Festival in Sydney and its now having an official release in theaters starting June 21.

Along with Netflix gay teen rom-com Alex Strangelove, it seems that this summer will have some interesting films starring gay characters. We’re looking forward to them.