Hubba Hubba! 5 Gay Men Who Would Be Perfect For A ‘Bachelor’ Spinoff

The Bachelor made history earlier this week when they debuted its first ever Black leading man (only took 20 years to do this, amirite?).

Matt James, who had a memorable same-sex lip lock with fellow Bachelor Nation star Tyler Cameron last year, kicked things off on the long-running ABC program on Monday where he was introduced to a bunch of hot and horny women to choose from. Seriously one showed up in lingerie while another presented him with a vibrator. WERK!


It got me thinking… why haven’t we had a gay version of this yes? Sure, we’ve done something similar on disaster shows like Boy Meets Boy and Finding Prince Charming, but there still hasn’t been something on a level like The Bachelor that showcases our community in a very realistic kind of way. 

That being said, here are five fantastic gay men that would be a perfect fit should this program ever come to light.

Karamo Brown 


The Queer Eye star revealed in an October 2020 interview that he would like to be the first gay Bachelor. “We can go for it. Let’s try it. I would … Why not?” he said. “Let me tell you something: what I’ve learned right now — and I tweeted this the other day — is that dating is a mess.” Karamo split from longtime partner Ian Jordan last year although it appears as if he may have moved on already with actor/model Chris Salvatore based on their flirty social media interactions.

Daniel Franzese


The Mean Girls alum has been outspoken about body positivity for years however his kind of figure has yet to be seen in the form of a leading man on television. Danny is attractive, talented, funny and would be great for this kind of part that will hopefully showcase more of the person he is and not the pounds he has.

Corey Lay 

Corey first came to our attention late last year on 12 Dates of Christmas where he struck out with Garrett Marcantel, the show’s hunky lead. The Seattle alum recently chatted with Instinct Magazine where he revealed his desires to return to its 2nd season (possibly as the one everyone gushes over) so its a stay tuned kind of situation right now for him and anyone who fell in love with his charm and personality on the HBO Max series. 


Gus Kenworthy 

Gus has been one of the more popular gay men we’ve profiled at Instinct Magazine over the years. It’s not surprising though given just how gosh darn handsome he is. He and ex-partner Matt Wilkas split a while ago, leaving millions hopeful that they will be the one to hold hands and more with the decorated Olympian next. So why not turn that idea into something we can tune into on a weekly basis? 


Scott Evans 

Hmm. Chris Evans’ younger gay brother who is just as cute and just as talented as he is competing for a bunch of men? Clean shaven or sporting the scruff, we woudl go on a date with him any day of the week. Sign us up!

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