Anti-LGBTQ Pastor Leaves Position After Being Caught Sleeping With Prostitutes

Pastor Donnie Romero, a former pastor from Stedfast Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas has removed himself from his position after it was discovered that he was soliciting prostitutes, using drugs, and gambling, according to Star-Telegram

Romero once called the victims of the Pulse Nightclub Massacre "scum of the Earth" in a sermon (I apologize, the video of the sermon has since been deleted, although it's best that you don't watch it). In the video, Romero referred to the victims as "sodomites," "pedophiles," and "perverts" and that he feels that the world is a better place now that they're dead and that when he heard that "several dozens of these queers" were in the ICU, he prayed to God that he would finish the job that Omar Mateen started.  After the sermon, a protest of about forty people gathered across the street and chanted "We are done with hate!"

Last week, he reached out the Stedfast and issued an apology and announced his resignation. In his apology, he admitted that he has been a terrible husband and father and has not been ruling his house well. He also said that he loves the Stedfast Baptist Church and his family, and his resignation is the best thing for his family and the church. His family will stay with the church. 

He also apologized to the people he has hurt with these actions and that he had wished that it did not get to such an extreme point. Steven Anderson, a pastor at Romero's former church in Phoenix said that Romero committed grievous sins, namely soliciting prostitutes. When Anderson found out about what Romero was doing, he reached out to Stedfast Baptist Church to help them get through this incident.

He said, "Churches frequently just cover things up… That is wrong. It’s sad how it makes Christianity look bad and Baptists look bad, but it’s not right to cover this up." While it is nice that he recognizes that this happens frequently, Pastor Anderson's sermons often contain hate speech. In one of his sermons, he suggested that people execute "the homos like God commands." He also had something similar to say about the victims of the Pulse Massacre, saying, “The good news is that at least 50 of these pedophiles are not going to be harming children anymore.” 

Well, I'm tired of writing about these horrible people because they don't deserve any attention. I can conclude, however, that I'm fairly certain that Romero only apologized and resigned because he was caught. I'm glad that he lost his job because his extreme homophobia shows that he should not be speaking to any groups of people, let alone an entire congregation. 

h/t: Star-Telegram, BBC

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  1. As re-affirming as this

    As re-affirming as this article is that no one is without sin. We need to stop equating prostitution and other demoralized behaviors with homosexuality! Donnie’s actions against his family are just that. Hundred of thousands of families (traditional and “non-traditional”) would deem this behavior against family values, regardless of what you believe in stable family values.


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