Billy & Gage Santoro Evicted Out Of Their Australian Apartment: Report

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Billy Santoro‘s 2020 continues to be an absolute mess. Sydney Morning Herald reported earlier this week that he and his partner Gage were evicted out of their apartment down under for multiple reasons.


Residents of the posh Monument apartments building claimed that they spotted a removal van on Thursday morning with them packing up their belongings. 

Billy & Gage’s neighbors apparently had enough of their working from home habits during the pandemic that included them producing content for their OnlyFans subscription account. 

Per SMH: “Monument residents made noise complaints and the police were called out several times, as was an ambulance on at least one occasion.”

“Recently the strata committee unanimously ruled that the couple breached by-law 4 by “disturbing the peaceful enjoyment of surrounding lots with extreme noise” and ordered the duo comply with the complex’s by-laws or face a penalty notice.”


“Finally, the owners of their seventh-floor apartment, who didn’t like the apartment’s reconfiguration into a home porn studio, served notice on the couple.”

Billy & Gage allege that not a single neighbor approached them directly to complain prior to their apparent exit from the building.

This year has been nothing short of a disaster for Billy although he’s been the one to create the majority of the chaos. He got himself into a ton of trouble due to his very problematic comments about the Black Lives Matter movement after George Floyd‘s death. 

“Lol. America!” Lol you let your blacks loot as a way of protest,” he wrote in a since deleted post on his Facebook page. “Wake the f**k up. Shoot first.” 


“I’ve said some things that I totally regret, which I apologize for and by no way mean, while under the influence,” he said in a clip posted on Twitter last month related to his jarring words. “I finally woke up one day and hit rock bottom.”

“Me and my husband Gage both have an addiction that we’re fighting, and it’s been hard,” he continued. “We have all the tools to recover but it’s been very hard.”

“Gage and I made our choice, to choose each other over a drug… we need our friends and fans to rally behind us and help us through this time. I want people to see what this drug does to you.”

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