“Bring Back Manly Men” Guy Trends For Flirty Dance Vid

Images via Instagram and Twitter @christianwalk1r

Gay Twitter is laughing, crying, gagging, and more at videos of Christian Walker dancing flirtatiously.

Yesterday, a dance video went viral in the gay and liberal spaces of Twitter. The video shows a man in high heels dancing provocatively amongst a crowd of women. With his belly button out and his legs spread wide, the dancer performs a very sexual routine…. But wait a minute. Why does that face look familiar?… Isn’t that the “Bring back manly men” guy?


It turns out, the performer in question is, in fact, Christian Walker. Walker gained fame and controversy last year for ranting on social media platforms TikTok and Twitter. The dancer and social media personality, who is the son of former NFL player Herschel Walker, would repeatedly post conservative views that pushed themes of toxic masculinity. For instance, he supported Candace Owens after she attacked Harry Styles’ dress in a Vogue photoshoot.

“The problem with Harry Style’s vogue cover isn’t that we’re uplifting feminine men, it’s that we’re ONLY uplifting them,” he wrote on Twitter. “Why are men supported when they’re in dresses, but not when they’re in camo? I like masculine men too.”


He then added, “If society is going to support the feminization of men, then can we also support them in their traditional roles? The left only ever supports people when they adhere to their agenda. Make Men Great Again 2020.”

With that in mind, Twitter had a field day when they discovered Christian Walker’s dance video.







Of course, this isn’t the first time that Twitter has laughed at the expense of Walker’s hypocrisy. Just two weeks ago, Christian Walker was banned from TikTok for harassing other users with his rants and encouraging his followers to do the same.

One TikToker under the user name @theebrad claimed that Walker was banned shortly after getting into a feud with him. He says Walker posted a, now-deleted, video of himself ranting about Brad while scrolling through the TikToker’s profile. That footage revealed that Walker had reported several of Brad’s videos. This is just one of the many instances of harassment that Christian Walker exhibited and promoted on social media.



“Look love, I know deep down you’re hurting because you’re not the straight masculine man that your father wanted you to be,” @theebrad wrote. “So, you created this whole image of yourself of being this loud and obnoxious conservative to get his approval and validation. And guess what, baby? It’s not cute.”

He later concluded, “Since when is being a loud and conservative a brand? Baby, you need help. I know you’re hurting. Go to therapy.”

But how much of that is the truth? Based on past interviews, Herschel Walker is supportive of his son. Though, there is some sign of deeply rooted gender norm beliefs too. For instance, a 2015 interview with CBS This Morning shows Herschel encouraging his son but acknowledging his wish that Christian Walker was different.


“I watch the way he moves,” Herschel said. “And you know I was a running back. I said, ‘He can be a heck of a quarterback or a receiver.’ If I watch him do something. I watch him throw. And I know he can do that. And I said, ‘Man, if I can take him and do-‘ But that’s not what he wants.”

Herschel was then asked if he’s ever felt disappointed in his son.

“Disappointed? No, no I don’t. Because, I love him so much, that if he never played football Imma love him as much as I love him now.”


If true, where did Christian Walker’s conservative persona come from? Maybe Herschel has lied about his support of his son. Or maybe, it sprung up from the conservative hate Christian experienced from others.

In the same interview, Christian Walker shared that he has received harassment and bullying from conservative, sports fans because of his close proximity to a former football star.

“When everyone first found out about me cheerleading, or like my dad’s fans, they were really critical,” the then-teenager shared. “The derogatory comments about, just even my appearance. It just seemed like they had a stereotype about cheer. That it was only for females.”


Perhaps his surrounding environment left Christian Walker in this warped state of wanting to enjoy things like dance and cheerleading while also feeling like he must vocalize toxic masculinity.

Or, there’s the chance that his whole conservative persona is just that… a persona. It could all be a publicity stunt at the end of the day. If Paris Hilton can pretend to be a ditsy fashion icon for decades, Christian Walker can pretend to be a self-hating effeminate man as well. That’s the name of the game in today’s social and political climate, after all. Extremism gets clicks and clicks get money.

In the end, we can’t know for sure whether Christian Walker is confused and conservative or simply faking it. But despite this deeper look into Christian Walker, we can’t help but laugh a little at the viral video going around on Twitter and TikTok. What we do know is that the hypocrisy is real and it’s currently trending.

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