Matt Fishel Shares His New Love Song From A ‘Proud and Happy 30-Something Gay Guy’

Award-winning UK recording artist Matt Fishel released his new live action video for I’m Totally Obsessed With Him, the fifth single from his new album, M/F.

I’m Totally Obsessed With Him is about crushing, fanboying, and obsession! The fun and fast-paced video features an array of characters and dancers in a variety of fun scenarios and eras, including: Matt with his early ‘90s demin squad; rocking a 1920s Speakeasy; frolicking in the Court of Versailles and fronting his full-scale rock band, with a frenetic throwback sax solo and ‘80s dance troupe thrown in for good measure!


Matt says:

“This video is a celebration of queerness, togetherness, fun, and pride. When I was planning the video, it was of the utmost importance to me to bring together and work with a diverse range of awesome and talented artists and crew members from across the LGBTQ+ communities, as well as people from all different backgrounds and walks of life. I believe passionately in diversity, inclusivity and equality and so I wanted to ensure this was represented both on screen and off.”

When we watched the video, we could definitely see the footage is a great mix of styles like '80s hair bands with Broadway with gay camp throwing that all up in the air and having it mix with the emotions that come along with young silly stupid love. The great energy in the song has us wanting to move about the house and think about those quirky times when we were all giddy with love. Ahhh, the memories.



There's a lot of stuff on the new album about life from my perspective as an out, proud and happy 30-something gay guy, working things out as I go along; politically passionate; in a beautiful relationship; embracing and exploring many aspects of LGBT life whilst on my journey. I have a lot to say with this album and a lot of commentary on society and the world around me as I perceive it, and I think you'll find it's overwhelmingly positive, upbeat and celebratory, with a little touch of melancholy thrown into the mix every now and then. But the overall tone is definitely one of joy and the songs are filled with positive energy and celebration. I can’t wait to finally share these new songs with the world.”Matt Fishel on M/F

What are your thoughts on I’m Totally Obsessed With Him?  Does it get you moving around and remember when your hear was a pitter patter over someone?

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