One of Our Top 18 Stories of 2018: Straight Guy Explains Why He Goes To Gay Bars

In no special order, we're going to recap Instinct Magazine's Top 18 stories of 2018.

Here's one originally from 2016 that we reposted for Memorial Day Weekend.

It seems that the subject resonated well again, 2 years later.

 YouTuber Chris Thompson (SupDaily06) opens up about why he, a straight guy, frequents gay bars. 

See what you think of his explanation!


Straight people in gay clubs has been a topic that we all have talked about way too much and way too long. We all have different opinions and they are always right.

Let's go where we are comfortable, let our dollars do the talking and let the chips fall where they may.

What do you think?


(H/T: Boy Culture)

14 thoughts on “One of Our Top 18 Stories of 2018: Straight Guy Explains Why He Goes To Gay Bars”

  1. Go away. Very self centered

    Go away. Very self centered and entitled. Revolting person making negative stereotypes of gays.   Stifle yourself!

  2. Oh boy it is just like a

    Oh boy it is just like a straight actor playing a gay role. No matter how hard you try you will never understand how it is to be gay. No matter how many gay friends you have.. Using Why I go to gay bars to get famous or gain followers is wrong. To try and say you go to meet girls is funny. FYI straight girls who go to gay bars do it so they won't be hit on. They go to have fun and if that is what you come Good for you! One day you may tell the true reason is you love the attention. Lacking in straight clubs no matter what you wear.

  3. Love that you’re comfortable.

    Love that you're comfortable. But every point you brought up is completely self serving. Not once have you considered that you're serving your own interest at the expense of the LGBT community. Stfu.

    • Umm…he made it clear that

      Umm…he made it clear that his whole video was about serving his own self interest at gay bars as opposed to other bars…or did you miss that?

  4. You’d be fun to drink with,

    You’d be fun to drink with, so I wouldn’t mind seeing you out at a gay bar. Just leave all your straight friends at home. When I go to a gay bar I want a break from the predominate straight world and be with other gay people. And don’t go there on a date and make out. Have some sensitivity; we can’t do that in 90% of the other bars in the city without the thought of provoking a confrontation.  

  5. Chris, enjoy your time at a

    Chris, enjoy your time at a gay bar. The fact that you are cute doesn’t hurt!  LOL. I, as a gay man, appreciate having you as an ally and it certainly is a good thing that you are comfortable enough in your own skin to even go to a gay bar. Good for you, have fun and be safe.

  6. I’m happy for you getting the

    I'm happy for you getting the ego boost of a gay bar.  I mean that.  I would however, like you, and every hetero, to please not come to LGBTQ clubs.  Look at your own reasons for going to gay clubs … why can't you heteros figure those problems out, and not use us queers and our clubs as a crutch for your hetero douchebaggery?!  

    I am really happy, and quite sincere, that I am glad that we live in a time where you, a straight guy, feel okay enough to hang out with me and my fellow queers.  I'm glad you get the ego boost, because we all like that, and you are handsome, and seem like a decent guy.  I mean that.  

    Despite the fact we live in a world where you and yours feel very comfy hanging out in queer clubs, we queers don't get that reciprocated.  We still live in a world where we queers are vastly outnumbered by your admitted douchebaggery heteros, who treat queers badly or very badly.  I want queers to feel they have a safe space, a place where heteros are not, a place where if we hit on you, we're not wasting our time or yours in awkward moments.  Clearly, for you and the girls you hit on, our queer clubs are a safe space.  We'd like it to be one for us as well, and increasingly, it's not, because heteros bring their douchebaggery with them.  Sorry.  

    • The more cute str8ies like

      The more cute str8ies like him that frequent gay bars the better…after buying him a few drinks and telling him what a beautiful big boy he is…the chances of getting into his steamy sanctified undies is multiplied exponentially…I am damn sure he would be open to a little worship and I bet he tastes damn good too!

  7. He goes to get a confidence

    He goes to get a confidence boost. Gay mem are thirsty will hot on him but him drinks hoping that they will get on him.

  8. People exposing their junk at

    People exposing their junk at you, regardless of gay or straight bar, are disgusting. Go to whatever bar you like, and enjoy your time there. That is what a bar is for. And the straight bars tend to be filled with sexually repressed assholes of both genders anyway. 


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