One of Our Top 18 Stories of 2018: Straight Guy Explains Why He Goes To Gay Bars

In no special order, we're going to recap Instinct Magazine's Top 18 stories of 2018.

Here's one originally from 2016 that we reposted for Memorial Day Weekend.

It seems that the subject resonated well again, 2 years later.

 YouTuber Chris Thompson (SupDaily06) opens up about why he, a straight guy, frequents gay bars. 

See what you think of his explanation!


Straight people in gay clubs has been a topic that we all have talked about way too much and way too long. We all have different opinions and they are always right.

Let's go where we are comfortable, let our dollars do the talking and let the chips fall where they may.

What do you think?


(H/T: Boy Culture)

What do you think?