The Rapper Shows Off All His Assets From His Directorial Debut

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Rapper Machine Gun Kelly can now be called movie star Machine Gun Kelly after his latest film Good Mourning opened in theaters and on-demand over this past weekend. The musician, who acts in the new film under his real name Colson Baker, also directed the film.

The Bloody Valentine singer, 32, knows his audience all too well as he posted some behind-the-scenes photos from the film shoot to his 9.6 million Instagram followers. Said photos had the Rap Devil singer completely nude except for a washcloth. 


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As previously reported by People magazine, “Good Mourning follows Kelly’s character London Clash, a movie star who must choose between chasing his one true love or a once-in-a-lifetime movie role. His real-life fiancée Megan Fox also stars as his love interest.”  Kelly, in a nod to his lean physique and cannabis-loving persona, captioned the post,


“i did 5 whole sit ups (and 200 blunts) to prep for my role in Good Mourning.  drop a  if you got high and watched our movie!”  @goodmorningmovie

The my ex’s best friend singer is no stranger to getting down to his skivvies on Instagram. Last December Instinct reported on Kelly and Pete Davidson sharing Instagram stories of their Calvin Klein photoshoot…in their underwear. Kelly also spoke to People about directing Megan Fox, his real life fiance, in the movie saying,


“I’ll always collaborate with Megan. I’m madly in love with her — and I’m also a fan.”

Good Mourning is currently playing in theaters and on demand.

Sources: People

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