Republican Lawmaker Who Compared Gay People to Rapists Faces Lesbian in Re-Election

Earlier this month, Republican lawmaker Jason Lewis made disparaging comments about the LGBTQ+ community on his nationally syndicated radio program, The Jason Lewis Show. On his show he said:

"The law, the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution, simply means this: that people who find themselves in similar circumstances must be treated in a similar way... you must discriminate against all smokers, you must discriminate against all rapists. So if the law says that we're not going to allow three people to marry, then you've got to treat everybody the same way. No three people can marry. Same is true for gay marriage."

On the same radio talk show, he claimed that gay marriage leads to incest and that discrimination against gay people can't exist because "our gay friends have incomes that are much higher than the median." However, this coming midterm election, Lewis faces a strong LGBTQ+ rights activist. Democrat Angie Craig, who ran unopposed to challenge Lewis, was confirmed as the party's pick for the Democratic primary this past Tuesday. If she wins in November, she will become the first LGBTQ+ member of Congress from Minnesota, she is backed by the LGBTQ Victory Fund.

Her site's bio explains:

"Raised by a single mom in a mobile home park, Angie Craig never expected to run for Congress. ... Angie is running for Congress to build a better Minnesota- where every member of every family gets a fair shot at an outstanding education, a good job, and a better life."

Make sure to vote in your midterm elections to make a difference.

h/t: PinkNews, Inver Hills News

Do You Date Outside Your Political Party?

Do You Date Outside Your Political Party?

Are You With Him?

Which led me to wonder, can there be sex without politics? I’m a gay Millennial who essentially grew up in the age of the Internet. Hell, by the time I was 8 years old I had already been sneaking into AOL chatrooms pretending to be someone I definitely wasn’t: An “18-year-old, female from Arizona” – essentially the only other state I knew existed besides my own. Sue me, I was imaginative…or just wanted to be treated as a girl.

Over my short life, I’ve witnessed the internet and social media take over the world. Everyone has an opinion – and your opinion doesn’t necessarily have to be tasteful, since there is likely another Keyboard Warrior who will come to your defense. Case in point: The Election. Ever since Donald Trump was miraculously elected into The White House, I’ve encountered countless anxieties on social media and in life. There still isn’t a day which passes when I’ll spot someone ranting to: “Delete me if you’re a Republican!” Granted, I’m using proper punctuation, a lack of emojis, and less aggressive language. During Thanksgiving 2017, I was scrolling to find many people we’re proclaiming they screamed at Republican family members and the like. It sounded a little far-fetched, but our voices are much louder on social media than they are in reality. I began to question: Do politics make a person?

I’m a registered Democrat, but openly Libertarian- who voted for Hillary Clinton. I see nonsense from all political parties, yet swing more left depending on the topic. In no way am I a Trump Supporter – I’m not insane – but, I can clearly understand why the Republican party, in particular, has been so popular in history, especially as more modern Republicans begin to evolve further from their traditional values. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with trying to see both sides to any argument – and this fully crosses into politics as well. Should I be denied a date with someone because I’m Libertarian? Furthermore, should I deny someone because they are a Left or Right-Wing Radical?

As you may already know, Trump Supporters have their own dating website, so luckily I won’t be running into anyone criminally disturbed. To be honest, I don’t believe I even know many gay Republicans, anymore, but I’m still open to going on a date with anyone on the Political spectrum, so as long as they aren’t trying to bring me out to dinner in a high-pressure timeshare sales meeting to join their mindset. I’ve made up my own and love my neutral standing, as it has kept me sane since the 45th President has changed our lives. I don’t think many would agree with me. I know at least a hundred people who wouldn’t even be kind to someone who is in a different political party from them. Jeez, a simple look at some Facebook comments will have people being called snowflakes and worse.

Is dating someone within your political party important to you?

This post is the opinion of this contributing writer to Instinct Magazine.  Opinion pieces do not always reflect the stance of the magazine or the other contributing writers.