Ex-Housewife Brandi Glanville Slams Ross Mathews

Straight off the first leg of his book tour, Name Drop, Ross Mathews is being called out of his name by one of the subjects in his newly released book. It seems that the media funny man and Drag Race judge is no longer popular with Ex-Housewife, Brandi Glanville, who is the subject of one of the chapters in Ross’ book.

In the book, Ross shares the story of how he has had run-ins with celebrities throughout his career. In one specific chapter, Ross retells how he met Brandi and got close with her prior to their time together in the Celebrity Big Brother house. No spoilers about the book, but it seems that Brandi may or may not have left the Ross Mathews fanclub since he took home second place in the Big Brother house and painted her in a not-so-fabulous drunk light in his book.

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Today, Brandi was a guest on Danny Pellegrino’s podcast Everything Iconic and the loose-lipped lush had some choice words for Ross when Danny brought up his book.

Brandi says: Fuck him!

Danny: What happened? I just read the book and there was like a whole chapter about you.

Brandi: Is there? Okay, he’s stupid. Ross can suck my dick, number one. He really can, cuz I should have been second place on Celebrity Big Brother, but he fucked me over and I have not one happy hour since he promised happy hour forever. Horrible. Who withholds alcohol? Anyway, he called me one day and wanted to know if it was okay for him to write about me in his book and I said “Sure, what are you gonna write?” and he said “Well, do you remember that day you came over?” and I said “Yeah, it’s fuzzy,” cuz it was like ten years ago but it’s cool if you wanna write about it. And apparently what he wrote was not that nice. I don’t remember all of it. It was ten years ago.

After a conversation about the Big Brother house, Danny circles back to the subject of Ross Mathews and Brandi digs in one last time before the podcast trails off into other chatter.

Brandi does ultimately say:

I do LIKE Ross, however I feel like “Do we know the real Ross?”

What is she implying here?


You can listen to the podcast yourself, and the Ross chatter starts around the 7:14 mark

It may or may not be important to mention here that Ross’ ex-partner of nearly ten years, Salvador Camarena, is BFFs with Brandi so maybe Brandi knows a little more than she’s willing to share in the podcast. Salvador has guest co-hosted on Brandi’s podcast Unfiltered many times.

Ross is an entertainment pro and has been having incredible success on his book tour, so whether this information reaches his ears or not, it won’t stop him from sharing the stories he only shares at happy hour. While you’re at it, Ross, you should invite Brandi!

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