Grindr Was Down For Two Hours And Users Were Not Happy

Gay hookup and dating app Grindr is considered the prime app for gay men, but what happens if that app goes down?

That’s what users found out this morning when the app went down in the U.K., U.S., Europe, and Australia, and those users weren’t happy.

The outage happened around 7:00 am EST, according to independent website Down Detector, and lasted a little under two hours. It seems 62% of users had log-in issues and 37% had problems connecting to the server.

Then, as you’d expect, users took their panic to Twitter.

Twitter Story: Two Women Flew Cross Country To Confront Their Husbands (Who Were Secretly Dating Each Other)

One person on twitter shared with the world what might possibly be the best twitter story you hear today.

BJ Colangelo was just hanging out at the airport waiting for her flight when she overheard a conversation that was both new, hilarious, and oddly familiar.

Two women sat near her at an airport bar and drank their worries away after finding out that their husbands were gay and seeing each other. The two women were supposedly gearing up to fly “cross country” to confront the two men.

If your interest is peaked, don’t worry. BJ Colangelo’s got you covered with the whole story.

It seems everything started out as interesting to BJ before they got both sad and really funny.

We hope the best for these two women (and the two men they both went to go talk to).

And if you're worried or thinking this story was fake, at the very least it entertained us. It even entertained Grace and Frankie.

Sony Tried To Erase The Gay Romance In Call Me By Your Name But Twitter Came With Receipts

Sony Pictures UK got into a little trouble when it tried to present upcoming gay romance Call Me By Your Name as a straight romance.

The company’s Twitter account tweeted out an ad for the film about a romance between a 24-year-old student named Oliver (played by Armie Hammer) and Elio (played by Timothée Chlalamet), the 17-year-old son of Oliver’s mentor and exchange host.

The problem is that the company used a picture of Elio and his friend Marzia (played by Esther Garrel) in a way to pretend that the film was a romance between those two characters.

As you can imagine, other Twitter users weren’t having it.

One tweet even pointed out that this tactic has been used before for the Brokeback Mountain Marketing.

Sony Pictures UK later deleted the tweet.

Twitter Under Fire For Censoring The Bisexual & Transsexual Communities

Twitter is under fire for censoring LGBTQ terms while updating its polices on adult content.

Twitter presented information on Friday, November 3 concerning what content will get banned on the site.

Some of the statement said:

“Online behavior continues to evolve and change, and at Twitter, we have to ensure those changes are reflected in our rules in a way that’s easy to adhere to and understand. Today, we’re publishing a new version of the Twitter Rules to clarify our policies and how we enforce them. While the fundamentals of our policies and our approach have not changed, this updated version presents our rules with more details and examples.”

“In the weeks ahead, we’ll launch separate pages for each of our policies to provide even more context about what each policy covers and our rationale for enforcement.’

Some of the content that’s going to be filtered includes:

  • Spam and related behaviors
  • Graphic violence and adult content
  • Self-harm
  • Abusive Behavior
  • And more.

The problem is, while working out the kinks of this updated censor system, Twitter ended up censoring the bisexual hashtag (this includes erasing content connected to #bisexual).




But guess what? That’s not all. Twitter also erased content connected to the transsexual community as well.



Perhaps the reason why Twitter chose to censor (and basically delete) content connected to these two communities is because so many outside of the communities sexualize them.

Kate Harrad of The Bisexual Index spoke with GayStarNews about the situation and said:

"Bisexuals have historically been hypersexualised and associated with porn and promiscuity. Every bi activist knows the problems of trying to search for bi content on the web – some public wifi systems block it altogether, even when it’s nothing to do with sex, because bisexual is seen as a dodgy word in itself.”

While the intention is understood, the actual action is complicated and in some aspects silly.

“Obviously it’s outrageous to block a term like bisexual,” said trans woman Sophia Banks, “It’s a sexuality. Not a fetish.”

Study Predicts The Australia's "Yes" Vote Will Have A Narrow Loss

An academic study is using Twitter opinions to gauge the results of the public vote for or against same-sex marriage in Australian.

While many opinion polls say that the yes vote will win and be around 60 percent of the vote, this Twitter opinion study says the opposite.

The study, by Academics David Tuffley and Bela Stantic, looked at over 458,565 tweets through the month of October.

At face value, the two found that there was an overwhelming amount of support for marriage equality. Specifically, they found that there was 72 percent support for the yes vote.

That said, they also found that only 15% of the yeses came from people over the age of 55. With that in mind, they adjusted the numbers and ended up with 57 percent support.

But that’s not all, they then adjusted the numbers again to make up for the low amount of tweets coming from people older than 55 (a voter pool that will show up in the actual vote). This ended up with a 49 percent yes rate for the vote.

Tuffley and Stantic are known for being surprisingly accurate when it comes to tough call votes and polls. For instance, they predicted the Trump win for the 2016 US presidential election.

And as they told Australian News Agency 9 News:

“It is likely to be a close-run result, much closer than the earlier polls suggested, and leaning in the direction of 'no.”

That said, the two do note that predications can have complications that get in the way of coming up with a true and fair answer.

"One of the problems with predicting poll outcomes is that people are often reluctant to say out loud what they really think about issues.”

"What people say online can often be more accurate than what they say to each other in this age of political correctness."

Thor Ragnorak Will Have Two LGBTQ Characters

Early last month, we shared that Thor Ragnorak will introduce the first gay character to the Marvel Cinematic universe.

That said, we were also not too pleased that the character is an alien that looks like the thing from Fantastic Four.

But, it seems that not all hope is lost as the movie will also star a second LGBTQ character, and this one is a bigger supporting role.

Actress Tessa Thompson, who will be playing Valkyrie in the film, shared on twitter that her warrior character is in fact bisexual.


This announcement came after debate on twitter formed over how the character was being changed in the comics to represent her movie counterpart that will appear this November.

One poster commented that the character was a lesbian and thus wouldn’t care about a male “fanboy” who preferred the original. That’s when Thompson stepped in.







Some feel that the character’s sexuality isn’t important towards the story or the film in itself and thus doesn’t need to be stated.

But of course, all of us know representation matters, no matter if it involves things mostly done in the bedroom, especially when it comes to bisexual visibility.

That said, there is some weight to the idea that making announcements like this gets us excited and then disappointed when the story only lightly touches on these details. This has happened before this year with the LeFou and Trini/Power Rangers situation.

But, since Thor Ragnorak comes out November 3rd, we don’t have long before we’ll see how this character comes to life on the big screen.


Tessa Thompson clarified on twitter that the character is bisexual in the comics and in her interpretation, but her sexuality isn't addressed in the film.



"I'm Gay, But I'm Not..." Buzzfeed Video Gets Heat From Gay Twitter

Social media users are getting angry about a Buzzfeed video from last month.

In the video, which can be found down below, Buzzfeed employees and friends talk about being gay but also not being attached to the stereotypes of being gay.

In a time where celebrities are coming out but not wanting to claim the label of being gay/bi/what have you, the men in this video celebrate the different kinds of gay men.

This also resonates with the men wishing to be labeled as just homosexual or androphile because they believe the word gay comes with a lifestyle that they don’t connect with.

But, it looks like some on twitter are not having it.

Twitter users have shared their displeasure with the video and think that the men in it are discriminating against other homosexual men. “So basically this post says, I'm gay but I'm not feminine so I'm cool,” as one twitter user noted.




That said, some on twitter have noted that the intention behind the video wasn't to discriminate but to point out that not all gay men are the same.



As with most things, there is truth on both sides of this issue. There are homosexual men out there who don’t connect with things like drag culture or don’t like to watch shows like Will & Grace or films like Moonlight. We should respect that.

But at the same time, men who feel that way don’t have to distance themselves from the gay community. We use the word community instead of just gay men because despite our many differences we are in this world together. When conservatives discriminate against us they discriminate against all of us.

Furthermore, it’s gay men who get the brunt of the hate and fight so that all homosexual men can have the right to love and lust after whomever they want.

While the video may have lost some of its message in its words, I believe in its intention to celebrate gay and homosexual men of all kinds.

Perhaps, “I am a gay man and I like this, that, and the third,” would have been a better idea.


Viral Twitter Ad Tackles The Ever Stupid Phrase ... That Is So Gay

This quick ad on twitter is going viral.

The ad by New Zealand LGBTQ organization Rainbow Youth focuses on people using the word gay as a replacement for negative terms.

The idea is to combat this constant use of the word gay to sub-out other words like stupid, sad, disappointing, etc.

The ad, which you can find below, has already been viewed 200,000 times and shared 3,000 times through different accounts.

Watch what they’re all talking about down below.





RuPaul Fans Joke About Hilary Clinton Tweet Quoting The Show (But They Shouldn't)

Screenshots via Youtube. Edited by Devin Randall

RuPaul fans on the internet want to know if Hilary Clinton is one of them.

Clinton took to twitter to share news about a royal decree being made in Saudi Arabia. The tweet celebrates the fact that women will soon be allowed to drive cars in the country. This is a historic moment for women in the country.

In order to capture the moment, Hilary Clinton decided to write the tweet out as “It’s about time. Ladies, start your engines!”

And while this is a wonderful moment for women, the gay community came around and, like Pennywise and the Babadook, are now making it about them.

Fans of the RuPaul’s Drag Race recognized the line, “Ladies, start your engines” as a familiar phrase in the tv show and are now storming thread after thread asking if Clinton purposely quoted RuPaul and if she’s a fan of the show.

While that’s all fun and Clinton may have purposely quoted the show, let’s not forget the whole purpose of the tweet itself.

While yes, women can now drive, the new decree states that they have to drive "in accordance with the Islamic laws." While the specifics of the law are still being deliberated, there are many ways that this description could limit women's rights.

So, as Clinton said in the other half of the tweet, “It’s about time," and we should be congratulating Saudi Arabian women. But also, we have to recognize that this is still only a step in obtaining their freedom.

Luckily though, it seems the country's crowned prince is dedicated towards giving women more freedoms.

Also we should remember that while jokes are fun, we shouldn't take such an important topic and make it about something else. If we do, we're no better than Trump.

Aaron Carter Says Goodbye Before Heading To Rehab

Screenshots via Twitter

Yesterday, we shared the news that friends and neighbors were concerned about singer Aaron Carter’s health.

They reported that he was a danger to himself and others as he threatened to harm himself and was heavily indulging in drugs.

Then, the police got involved after the requests from these concerned parties reached them, but the police ultimately felt him safe enough to not intervene.

But, later that day an update arose where Carter’s rep shared that the singer would be seeking help through rehab.

Today, we’re hear to share with you what the singer says will be his last words before he goes “literally” dark to undergo said help.

Aaron Carter took to twitter to share words with his fans (and change his profile picture to a black screen) as he says this will be his last time on social media and potentially in the public eye (at least personally) till possibly sometime next year.

In addition to stating that he’s leaving social media until 2018, Carter also reveals some more information. First, he states that all of this is about his own personal well-being and has nothing to do with his family. In fact, he says he’s completely cut his family out of his life.

That said, don’t think this is the end of Aaron Carter and his music career. In fact, it’s just the start. Not only does he plan to go on tour next year, but he also states that while he’s gone he’ll be releasing a single and album in October and November.

Screenshot via Twitter

While I hope the best for Aaron Carter and his health, its also interesting that he’ll be dropping a single and album while he’s away and decided to announce this as people report on his going to rehab.

Though to be fair and give him the benefit of the doubt, he might have had the releases planned some time ago and this rehab stay was an unfortunate but necessary surprise to that schedule.

Again, I hope the best for Aaron Carter and wish him well as he tries to beat his demons. But like with Perez Hilton, I have to note the suspiciousness of using his recovery for promotion.

Lets make sure that Aaron Carter's health is what all of this is really about.

Note: These final thoughts are of Instinct's writer's and not of Instinct Magazine itself.