Rewatch That Glorious Dirty Dancing/Super Bowl Commercial

Some people watch the Super Bowl for the game, some people watch for the Half-time show, some watch for the comradery and big event feel, and some people watch for the commercials.

But, everyone enjoyed the following advertisement, because it’s just that fantastic.

While many are talking about the Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman lip sync battle, others are talking about the moment when Manning lifted Backham Jr. in the air.

NY Giants quarterback Eli Manning and wider receiver Odell Backham Jr. stared in the NFL feature commercial in what was full of bromance, goofiness, dancing, and maybe even a little gayness (or maybe that’s just wishful thinking).

No matter how drunk you were by the time the ad played, everyone enjoyed the commercial. And if you missed it, you can enjoy it too. You can watch the video down below.

Football Player Comes Out to His Team On Camera

BBC correspondent and grassroots football (soccer) player from the UK, Richie Anderson, has been working on a project to spread awareness on homophobia within his sport.

What his teammates simply thought was a report on grassroots football, turned into a serious conversation about homophobia among the team. The way Anderson did this was by leaving it all out there and coming out as a gay man to his teammates. The teammates, although surprised, were incredibly supportive.

When Anderson shares with them as he chokes up:

One of the big issues that we’ve looked this week. Sorry. It’s really close to my heart–it’s homophobia in football. And the reason why that means a lot to me is I’m a gay footballer. I just wanted to be open and honest because with you lot it’s just been class. This is really hard for me to do now.

The room bursts into applause, commending Anderson for his strength to be honest in a room full of his peers. He receives praise for having the courage to come out to as a teammate for a sport that sees a great deal of homophobia in and off the field.

Congratulations, Richie! Now hit the showers!

Here’s the video:


Swiss Football Referee, Pascal Eirachner, Came Out As Gay

Pascal Erlachner has become the first openly gay professional in the Swiss football league.

Erlachner came out in an interview with Swiss newspaper Blick, and explained that he wants to serve as the catalyst for public discussion about the “taboo” of being openly gay in the football world.

As he said told Blick, it’s not a big deal. “I can stand there and say: Yes, I’m gay – so what?”

That said, he does realize that his coming out will have unforeseeable consequences.

Many believe that being gay in the soccer/football world is the last hurtle for gay sports professionals and athletes. We’ve had a few referees come out this year, such as the UK’s first openly gay referee Ryan Atkin, but football players are still primarily in the closet.

That said, Erlachner says that it’s good to be finally out, and he adds that he also came out to his parents recently too.

When speaking to Blick about the experience, he says it was “totally open and positive.”

“They told me that I was the same Pascal for them,’ Erlachner explained further, “That they love me. And that they go through thick and thin with me. It was a very nice and very important moment. From there it went step by step upwards. Finally the truth was out. Finally, I was allowed to be what I am.”

A College Linebacker, and Son of A Two-Time Super Bowl Winner, Came Out

Xavier Colvin / via Jimmy Lafakis/Butler University

Xavier Colvin is a 20-year-old sophomore majoring in marketing at Butler University. He’s 5’9”, 210 pounds, has the nickname of "X," the son of a two-time Super Bowl winner, and is a linebacker for Butler’s football team.

The reason that we’re talking about Colvin here is that in August he stood on stage in front of his fellow Butler Bulldogs and announced that he was gay.

Colvin admits that he had known about his sexuality for years and before even entering college, but decided to stay in the closet for fear of rejection from his peers and a potential career in the sport. That said, eventually it became too much of a burden for him.

“I just kept it to myself because it was in the best interest of me at the time,” he told INDY Star, “Because I was still trying to figure myself out. I mean, I still am now trying to figure myself out. So, I have a long way to go to figure out the man I truly am. This is a step in the right direction.”

“Timing is perfect. This team, this year, this coaching staff, it’s great.”

Before officially coming out, Colvin contacted close friends, trusted teammates, and his coach Jeff Voris who said that it was an “non-issue.”

As for his father Rosevelt Colvin, who was a former professional linebacker in the NFL between the years of 1999 and 2008 and won the Super Bowl twice with the New England Patriots, Colvin says there was no issue there either.

“Me and my dad, we have a great relationship,” he said, “I get told a lot that I’m like him.”

This year, several college football players have come out, and Xavier Colvin is just the most recent. But, it’s good to hear that his story is also one that’s been accepted so easily.

Good for Colvin and good luck with the upcoming football season.