Eric Holguin Could Become America's First Openly Gay Latino Congressman

Last month, we introduced you to Malcolm Kenyatta who may become the first openly gay black man to hold office in Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives. Now, we’re happy to introduce to you a man who has a shot at becoming the first openly gay Latino in the US House of Representatives.

Eric Holguin in currently running for an open Congressional set for the state of Texas.

When Holguin entered the March 6 primary for Texas’ 27th Congressional district, he was considered a lost cause. While he made it to the runoff with 23.31% of the vote, his opponent for the Democratic candidacy had 41.22% of the vote.

That said, there was an upset later in May’s primary when Holguin ended up winning by 60%. This officially made him the Democratic nominee bidding for the seat former Republican Rep. Blake Farenthold, who resigned in April after news of sexual harassment and abuse broke.

Unfortunately, Holguin is still the underdog as the 13th district is typically run by Republicans. That said, he’s hoping that Democratic voters can help push him along to another surprise win.

If he does win, he’ll become the first openly gay Latino congressman in US history. Even better, he wouldn’t be the only LGBTQ politician in office as 50 LGBTQ candidates are running for positions in Texas in this coming November.

If you want to check out Eric Holguin more and his stance on political issues like engaging young voters, the #MeToo movement, and more, you can check out his official website.

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Navy Veteran Is Mississippi's First Ever Gay Congressional Candidate

Navy veteran Michael Aycox is a political candidate for the history books as he is the first openly gay candidate ever to run in a Mississippi congressional race. 

One of two Democrats on the ballot in the June primary for Mississippi’s 3rd congressional district seat, Aycox came out to his family when he was 20 years-old. Although he feels he’s lived the past 10 years as an out gay man, he never felt the need to announce to the world, “I’m gay.”

But a recent event hosted by the Human Rights Campaign inspired him to stand up on behalf of his community.

"Until the campaign, I never really 'came out.' I didn't," he told the Clarion-Ledger. "This is me. It's not who I am, it doesn't define me, it's just a part of me. It's like having brown hair, it doesn't change who I am ... I didn't do this to be the voice of the LGBT community. I did this for change. I did this to make a difference."

Married since 2013 to his husband Mario, the couple lives in Newton, Mississippi, with their black lab, Sasha, who they rescued from a local humane society.

Aycox now works as an investigator for the Newton Police Department and Mario serves in the Florida Air National Guard. With Mario preparing to be deployed, Aycox is campaigning a lot on his own these days.

The 30-year-old was moved to run for public office after a disappointing experience with his own congressman, 3rd District U.S. Rep. Gregg Harper, who announced his retirement in January.

Aycox had reached out to the congressman after receiving a diagnosis of thyroid cancer in 2016.  He’d contacted Harper’s office regarding help with his medical treatment, but says the congressman’s response time was disappointing. Aycox says he wants to be a congressman who is “easy to get in touch with.”

The only other Democrat in the race for the congressional seat is Michael T. Evans, currently a state representative and chicken farmer. 

While Aycox and Evans agree on much (supporting law enforcement and military, funding infrastructure and education), the two definitely have their differences.

Evans opposes marriage equality and voted in favor of HB1523, the anti-LGBTQ bill that allowed businesses to deny services to people based on religious beliefs..

Aycox says he gets emotional when he meets constituents at campaign events who feel they've been discriminated against because of their sexuality thanks to the law. 

"1583 literally shoved the community into the closet under penalty of law," Aycox told the Clarion-Ledger

The primary for Mississippi’s 3rd congressional district seat will be held on June 5.

This Man Just Became The First Openly Gay Mayor In All Of Israel

Israel now has its first openly gay mayor.

Specifically, the city of Ra’anana has just elected a gay mayor, which also happens to make him the first openly gay mayor that the country of Israel has ever had.

“I feel there is significance that another glass ceiling was shattered, showing the progress in Israeli society,” Eitan Ginzburg told The Jerusalem Post 

41-year-old Ginzburg started his first day on the job this past Sunday, but this isn’t his first time being in a political position, Ginzburg spent 15 years on Ra’anana’s city council and six years as a deputy mayor before he took the official title of mayor.

It was the city council who elected him into the position after Ze’ev Bielski left the position to lead the National Housing Authority.

Unfortunately, this means that Ginzburg is just an interim mayor until the municipal elections in October. Then, he will have to run for the position again.

In addition, support from religious/politcal officials isn’t necessarily implied for the following election in the fall, but Ginzburg isn’t worried. He’s just feeling the high of being elected this time.

Plus, Ginzburg is honored to be placed in the position now, even if he doesn’t win the election later this year. He’s especially pleased that he was selected based on his experience and merit.

“It felt normal because I was chosen because of my work,” Ginzburg said. “I am happy the fact that I am gay did not stop me from getting elected with the support of the Bayit Yehudi. I was chosen not because I am gay and not in spite of it, but because of the work I have done.”

Plus, Ginzburg is being recognized across the globe as both the first gay mayor in Israel and as the younger mayor working in Israel at the moment. He, his partner of 15 years named Yotam, and his twin children named Itai and Emma are honored to have so much praise being sent their way.

“I still haven’t understood I am an example internationally,” he said. “But I’ve started receiving letters from around the world. I am a regular guy with emotions, feelings, and views, and I don’t feel special in any way. I just see this as a message that there are no limits to success if you work hard.”

h/t: The Jerusalem Post