Georgia Rep Who Asked If HIV+ People Should Be Quarantined Now Says She Was Just Being "Provocative"

The Georgia Rep. who asked if people living with HIV should be quarantined now basically says she didn’t really mean it.

During a meeting over citizen’s access to medication and health services, Betty Price, who is both a licensed doctor and married to a former Secretary of Health and Human Services, asked if it was better to quarantine people living with HIV.

The full quote was:

“I don’t want to say the quarantine word, but I guess I just said it. Is there an ability, since I would guess that public dollars are expended heavily in prophylaxis and treatment of this condition? So we have a public interest in curtailing the spread. What would you advise or are there any methods legally that we could do that would curtail the spread?”

“It seems to me it’s almost frightening, the number of people who are living that are potentially carriers. Well they are carriers, with the potential to spread, whereas in the past they died more readily and then at that point they are not posing a risk. So we’ve got a huge population posing a risk if they are not in treatment.”

Now that, of course, the internet is sharing that it’s not too pleased with what Representative Price said, she’s saying that it was “taken completely out of context.”

Price says that she was being “provocative” and wasn’t in favor of the idea but made the “rhetorical statement” because she thought, “too many of our fellow citizens who have HIV are not compliant.”

Just seems to me like she’s digging her grave even more.

h/t: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Gays For Trump Will March With 'Deplorable Pride'

Earlier this year, Charlotte-based Republican LGBT group Deplorable Pride, were denied a spot in the city’s annual Charlotte Pride parade. The group was denied participation in the city's largest parade because of their planned 27-foot-long float that would depict a drag version of Melania Trump with others wearing long blue evening gowns that read "Make America Great Again" reports the Charlotte Observer. Now, the Gays for Trump group is planning to protest 30-minutes prior to the parade.

A statement on the group's website reads:

Come and show your support for your fellow Trump supporters who are LGBT and are being persecuted by their own gay community. Please help us show that intolerance is not acceptable.

A spokesperson for Charlotte Pride has commented about the organization's right to not include those who exclude others from American society.

The statement by Charlotte Pride reads:

In the past, we have made similar decisions to decline participation from other organizations espousing anti-LGBTQ religious or public policy stances. Charlotte Pride envisions a world in which LGBTQ people are affirmed, respected, and included in the full social and civic life of their local communities, free from fear of any discrimination, rejection, and prejudice.

Charlotte police is prepared for the protest and what it could mean for spectators and visitors to the highly popular pride event.

Clay Aiken Regrets Defending Trump

After appearing on Celebrity Apprentice in 2012 and coming in second on the season finale, out singer Clay Aiken has been public about his support for our current president Donald Trump, who hosted the show. But since the events in Charlottesville have  transpired, Donald Trump’s comments on white nationalism are proving that the former reality show host turned Commander-in-Chief needs to hear that phrase he coined—“You’re fired!”

Aiken has come to the realization that his support for Trump was wrong and he should have never jumped on the “Make America Great Again” bandwagon--and he's claiming he never supported him! Like many other public figures and citizens, Aiken is getting a taste of what it’s like to have a racist bigot in the White House.

Here's what America's notorious runner-up is tweeting:

Anti-Trans Texas State 'Bathroom Bill' Dies

Finally, the freedom to flush!

After much criticism and debate, the Texas 'Bathroom Bill' was finally laid to rest. The House closed the special legislative session a day early after opposition from business leaders and civil rights groups had battled to defeat the bill. The proposed bill was an anti-trans, discriminatory act that would prohibit trans individuals in the public school system the right to choose which restroom aligned with their gender identity.

In a statement, JoDee Winterhof, a representative from the Human Rights Campaign, said:

Finally, Texans can breathe a temporary sigh of relief. Texans don’t want harmful, anti-transgender legislation.

The Texas Association of Business asserts that had the bill passed, Texas would have lost upwards of $5.6 billion through 2026 because of boycotts and resistance from corporate leaders and some of Texas largest employers.

That was a close one!

Anthony Scaramucci Is An LGBT Ally

Just a few days after his very very short tour (11 days!) as the White House communications director, Anthony Scaramucci has been interviewed numerous times stating his disapproval of white nationalism and Trump’s actions (or lack thereof) against  Neo-Nazis and the rally in Charlottesville.

TMZ recently caught up with Scaramucci to get some insight:

We need to condemn and denounce white nationalism. Absolutely horrific. I will condemn that stuff for the rest of my life, and as long as I’m breathing.

Is it possible that his points of view were more progressive than the Donald’s?

TMZ then asked the Mooch about his liberal stance on certain topics, namely in regards to the LGBT community.

I have been an active – for the last decade – gay rights, gay marriage equality supporter. Particularly here in New York and New York City but around the world. And I think that ‘life, liberty , and the pursuit of happiness’ when they wrote that, I don’t think it was just meant for straight people, and so for me, I’m a very active gay rights supporter.

Well, what do you know!? Anthony Scaramucci is an ally! Maybe he will be the grand marshall for any of next year’s pride parades? And if not, we can certainly get Mario Cantone to fill in for him.

Take a look at the video here


Nyle DiMarco Calls Out Trump In ASL

Sexually fluid deaf model Nyle DiMarco is teaching the world how to use American Sign Language to say a power phrase “Impeach Trump”.

The model/actor and winner of Dancing With The Stars has been a positive icon for both the deaf and LGBT communities. And now, in this political climate, Nyle is showing that being deaf is no excuse for keeping quiet.

Here is Nyle’s lesson in sign language:

With those piercing blue eyes, I don’t think I’d have a hard time learning how to sign.

Former President Jimmy Carter To Trump: Stop With The "Warlike Rhetoric" To North Korea

Former President Jimmy Carter has released a statement online in which he criticizes the White House's lack of effort towards finding a peaceful solution to the increasing hostile North Korea.

In the statement, he spoke about his past experiences with negotiations between the U.S. and North Korea and how this current administration should be making similar efforts to keep things civil. 

Or at the very least, to not post at 8AM with thoughts of bombing the country...

(Of course, that last comment was from the author of this post and not from Carter himself).

You can read Jimmy Carter's actual words in their entirety down below.

The harsh rhetoric from Washington and Pyongyang during recent months has exacerbated an already confrontational relationship between our countries, and has probably eliminated any chance of good faith peace talks between the United States and North Korea. In addition to restraining the warlike rhetoric, our leaders need to encourage talks between North Korea and other countries, especially China and Russia. The recent UN Security Council unanimous vote for new sanctions suggests that these countries could help.  In all cases, a nuclear exchange must be avoided. All parties must assure North Koreans they we will forego any military action against them if North Korea remains peaceful.

I have visited North Korea three times, and have spent more than 20 hours in discussions with their political leaders regarding important issues that affect U.S.-DPRK relations.

In June 1994, I met with Kim Il Sung in a time of crisis, when he agreed to put all their nuclear programs under strict supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency and to seek mutual agreement with the United States on a permanent peace treaty, to have summit talks with the president of South Korea, to expedite the recovery of the remains of American service personnel buried in his country, and to take other steps to ease tension on the peninsula. Kim Il Sung died shortly after my visit, and his successor, Kim Jong Il, notified me and leaders in Washington that he would honor the promises made by his father. These obligations were later confirmed officially in negotiations in Geneva by Robert Gallucci and other representatives of the Clinton administration.

I returned to Pyongyang in August 2010, at the invitation of North Korean leaders, to bring home Aijalon Gomes, an American who had been detained there. My last visit to North Korea was in May 2011 when I led a delegation of Elders (former presidents of Ireland and Finland and former prime minister of Norway) to assure the delivery of donated food directly to needy people.

During all these visits, the North Koreans emphasized that they wanted peaceful relations with the United States and their neighbors, but were convinced that we planned a preemptive military strike against their country. They wanted a peace treaty (especially with America) to replace the ceasefire agreement that had existed since the end of the Korean War in 1953, and to end the economic sanctions that had been very damaging to them during that long interim period. They have made it clear to me and others that their first priority is to assure that their military capability is capable of destroying a large part of Seoul and of responding strongly in other ways to any American attack. The influence of China in Pyongyang seems to be greatly reduced since Kim Jong Un became the North Korean leader in December 2011.

A commitment to peace by the United States and North Korea is crucial. When this confrontational crisis is ended, the United States should be prepared to consummate a permanent treaty to replace the ceasefire of 1953. The United States should make this clear, to North Koreans and to our allies.

Department of Justice Argues "Homosexuals" Aren't Protected At Work

Less than a day after Donald Trump announced a ban on transgender individuals in the military, the Department of Justice has issued an amicus brief that argues against protections for LGBTQ employees. Jeff Sessions and the DOJ claim to prove that the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964 does not protect "homosexuals" from discrimination in the workplace.

Oh yeah and "homosexuals" is the term they're using again. Way to go, America! Total facepalm day!

In a nutshell, the brief declares that sexual orientation is NOT sex discrimination. Currently, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) mentions that the Civil Rights Act "makes it unlawful to discriminate against someone on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex (including pregnancy and gender identity) or religion." But basically the DOJ is saying it is OKAY to discriminate against LGBTQ individuals in work environments!

The brief comes during a case Zarda v. Altitude Express in which a skydiving employee filed a lawsuit claiming his employer discriminated against him because of his sexual orientation. His claim was rejected by the district court as they stated he was not protected from the discrimination of his being gay. The employee, Donald Zarda, died in a skydiving accident in 2014 and the case is currently open in the court of appeals. And here we are with this amicus brief.

The main points being argued in the amicus brief are:



Senate Votes For Healthcare Debate

Senate Republicans took majority vote today in Washington, a vote that now advances the debate to repeal and replace Obamacare.

After having been out during the vote that took place on July 18th, John McCain returned from Arizona to cast his vote.

This resulted in a tied vote that was tallied at 50-Democrats/50-Republicans the tie-breaking vote came from Vice President Mike Pence who voted in favor of the measure. This made the vote 51/50 (I know, the IRONY!). Democrats have been against the bill as they believe it will end health care coverage for millions.

Trump said at a White House news conference

I'm very happy to announce that with zero of the Democrats' votes, the motion to proceed on health care has moved past and now we move forward toward truly great health care for the American people. We look forward to that. This was a big step.

Senators were greeted by a group of protestors shouting “Kill the Bill!” and “Shame” right before the voting began. I imagine it went something like this

The motion to move to debate is now set. Senators will now be able to offer amendments in a “skinny repeal” process which would allow senators to pinpoint specific areas of Obamacare that they would like to change —making it difficult to predict what the final result for healthcare for millions of Americans will look like.

Tech Companies Stand Up To Oppose Texas 'Bathroom Bill'

On July 18th, Republican Governor Greg Abbott Texas ordered a 30-day special session in in state legislature to debate a list of items of which the Texas 'bathroom bill' is high priority. 

The ‘bathroom bill’ would force transgender individuals to use the bathroom that is designated for their birth gender. Disregarding their safety and identity.

Abbott aims to identify who is with him or who is against him as he claimed at the Texas Public Policy Foundation event:

I’m going to be establishing a list. You all, or other organizations, may be establishing a list. We all need to establish lists that we publish on a daily basis and call people out. Who is for this, who is against this, who has not taken a position. No one gets to hide.

Now, corporate tech giants led by IBM are taking a stance on the controversial bill. The company currently employs more than 10,000 people in Texas and has taken out full-page ads in major Texas publications urging Texas legislators to go against the bill.

The ad reads:

As one of the largest technology employers in Texas, IBM firmly opposes any measure that would harm the state's LGBT community and make it difficult for businesses to attract and retain talented Texans

They even changed their logo in protest.

IBM General Manager, Phil Gilbert said in a press conference:

It just behooves any company to really figure out, if you're going to really try to recruit the best talent and you're competing with companies that are operating in locations that do no have this type of discriminatory bills, you have to ask yourself, where are you going to grow 

Other companies include Apple, Facebook, AT&T, American Airlines, and Lyft, which signed a letter opposing the bill.


It’s so nice to see that these tech companies are ready to swipe left on this matter that in 2017 we shouldn’t have to be discussing anymore.