Some of the Hottest Hotties of the Year

2021 proved to be another bear of a year! With the availability of COVID-19 vaccinations and the semi-return to normalcy in some areas, the world appears to begin healing once again. And although we are not out of the woods quite yet, we are grateful for any progress we can make despite the uncertainty of new variants around the world.

One thing we are fortunate to have had this year is the opportunity to meet incredible people through our Hottie of the Week features. Through detailed interviews and their photo series, we have had privilege of learning about activism, art, and advocacy that amplify the voices of the disabled community, sex workers, the trans community, and queer people of color.

To round off the year, we want to share some of the incomparable and incredibly hot hotties that made 2021 the year of YASSSS!


In no particular order, here they are, in all their glory. Some of the Instinct Hotties of the Year:

Jazzul Escada, the Legendary thicc zaddy voguing his way into our hearts.

Instagram @jazzulescada / photo @franipac

Benjamin Gonzales, the fit and fabulous trainer behind the Fitnessgayz memes.

Instagram @benjaminbenz

Lorne Farovitch, the deaf doctor who is destigmatizing disability with his thirst traps.

Photo by Top Secret Photography

Evan Michael Lee, the beefed up gaymer guy using his voice to pave the way.

Instagram @evanmichaellee

Marvin Cortes, the America’s Next Top Model finalist raising bisexual awareness.

Photo by Tyler Chick

Trip Richards, the trans sex health educator and content creator advocating for sex work and trans visibility.

Instagram @triplextransman_

Gabriel Gastelum, the talented photographer and bearded drag performer.

Photo by Gabriel Gastelum

Okkar Min Maung, the model and activist from Myanmar using his voice for the queer Asian community.

Photo by Jamie Saw Khwar

Fitness Papi, the bronze Latino Adonis with trunk-like thighs flooding your OnlyFans feeds.

Instagram @fitnesspapi_

Blaize Preston, the nurse and TikTok creator that gets you through the day with every bounce.

Instagram @emursegency

Matt Pappadia, the sexy and strategic finalist from Netflix’s The Circle.

Instagram @mattpappadia

Dany Guadriola, the girthy grooming guru from Southern California.

Instagram @bearbarber

Javier Rivera, the former drag performer turned Mr. Stonewall 2021.

Photo by Andrew Carter

Rob Zimmerman, the standup comic and content creator you just want to hug.

Instagram @robzimmer

Check out our Hottie of the Week features and get to know the full list of amazing people who are changing the game in everything they do. Look out for a new set of hotties in 2022!

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