Flashback: Video Of Two Men Dancing Is Tugs at Our Hearts

We posted this last year in July, but with the weather getting warmer and us getting into summer loving mode soon!  But this looks more than just a summer fling.  There's emotion in those moves. We want what they have! 

Have a look see at what these two men are capable of conveying on the dance floor.


We have no idea if they are together, just dance partners, or just good friends having fun. 

What we do know is that it is beautiful, inspirational, and heartwarming. How can something this moving and uplifting be so wrong?

Thanks for bringing us a great moment of happiness to start our weekend.

And thanks to one of our readers for sharing the entire video seen below.

h/t: Disponivel.com

Demi Lovato Brings 'Love is Love' Center Stage & Helps Couple Get Engaged!

We've covered same-sex wedding proposals at concerts before, Adele, Beyonce, and so on.  You know what?!?! We love it!  Love is love and we love to see people happy!

Demi Lovato used her stage time in Inglewood, California on Friday night to invite her friend and  American Idol alum Rayvon Owen onto the stage. 

Her other friend, and Owen's partner Shane Bitney Crone, was waiting underneath the stage and came up to the surface via a trap door to surprise his partner.  Well you know what came next.


"Now I'm going to sing you a sing while I cry!  I'm so happy guys.I'm so f**king happy!"

We're happy and very jealous!

What song would she perform? "Yes."  She made the newly engaged couple sit on stage while they watched a prepared video of their love story. 



Would you do this Instincters? 

Who would you like to go see and help you propose to your love?

H/t:  ET.com

When A Wedding Becomes More Than Just A Celebration For The Happy Couple.

How many weddings have you been to and it's all about the happy couple?  Yes, they are the main focus, but don;t you enjoy the ceremonies and celebrations that are a party for everyone and celebrate all the love?

Thanks Myk & Raffy​ for sending us in the video of your wedding. In the video, the Filipino couple exchange vows and unite two halves to make a whole. Of course we teared up a little as Myk and Raffy spoke of their love and acceptance of one another. 

After that, it was all smiles and a desire to have been there to help you celebrate, to help everyone celebrate your love. 




Filipino Gay Wedding of Myk and Raffy.

IT'S GREAT to live in a country that acknowledges gay wedding.

It is a blessing to find a lifetime partner and an even more blessing to be living in a country that recognizes equal rights and opportunities.

Our wedding theme is black and white, because [they are] our favorite color and also because we are two different people like black and white.

We will be forever grateful for the amount of support we got and still receiving from our family and friends.

We are now legally married.

As I said, the celebration was for more than just Micheal and Rafael, Myk and Raffy. 

Three (3) of my groomsmaids or bridesmaids are my sisters and all 3 have been married in the past but never got to wear their dream wedding gown. On our wedding they finally did! Four brides and two grooms!

COCOMELODY was our modern day Fairy Godmother, letting us borrow the 4 gowns for free!

Bravo guys for celebrating love is love is love is love!



Michael & Raffy Getting ready location: Airtel plaza hotel
Ceremony and recepcion : Knollwood Country Club
Gowns: Cocomelody
Flower wall: Abgm.artdesign
Officiant: Rev. Doreene Hamilton
Photographer : Jenina simplicio
Videographer: Scott hayes
Photo booth : Evie photobooth
DJ: Dan "the party zone entertainement"
Wedding decorations rental: Heavenly party decorations
Luxury Events Decorator : That Special Touch
Cake: Pia Reyes