The Sister & Gay Brother Connection - One Powerful Bond

Like many of you reading this article, growing up was a big challenge for me. Not every hard time had to do with me being gay because I really had no idea what that even meant. It was more about realizing I was different from the other boys and having to deal with not fitting into that perfect boy box of masculinity. I was very quiet, shy and gravitated more towards things that my sisters were into. As a little guy, my older sister, Jackie did a lot of the talking for me. We are 11 months apart and share the same age for almost a week. I was born premature, which made us not only “Irish Twins,” but also instant best friends straight from gate. Jackie looked like Shirley Temple, with big curly hair and the cutest personality to go with it. If you look at our picture from when we were both young, you would think that we were actual twins. We loved playing together, Barbies were our favorite and every once in awhile we would let our other sister, Amy play with us, but she would have to first put money into a piggy bank that we left outside the bedroom door. It was sort of her entry fee. My little brother was too young and certainly had no interest in taking part in our “New Kids On The Block” dolls meets “Barbie And The Rockers” extravaganza. Our playtime would come to a quick end when we would hear the sound of the garage door go up because we knew that meant our dad was home from work. My sisters and I made a pact to never tell our dad I was playing with Barbies. That was just not what boys did back in the day. 

The older I grew up, I tried to come into my own but had the challenge of being picked on because I still continued to be really scrawny and soft spoken. Going to school was often a nightmare because I would be teased for “sounding like a girl,” “talking like a girl,” and “running like a girl.” So, I decided to stay quiet and pray that my voice would deepen. I can’t tell you how many times someone would call the house and I would pick up the phone with an immediate response of, “Hello, Mrs. Jacobi?” I hated the sound of my voice and could not blame anyone because it truly was sky high and there was nothing I could do about it.  My sister, Jackie always had my back though and has continued to be a great support in my life. 


Recently, when my fiancé, Nick and I picked a wedding date and started to iron out all the details, one of my first tasks was asking Jackie to be my “Best Woman.” Maid of Honor just did not seem like the right title for her, and we have certainly made it a point to shake up the traditional parts of our upcoming celebration. 


It is so wild to me how life comes full circle and that even the darkest of times start to turn into lessons learned or bleeps on our own individual radars. New memories start to take shape, and consistent moments of happiness turn into your reality, validating thoughts that life is indeed so very good. But most importantly, that with the right support, self-confidence and family connection - you can make even your biggest dreams come true. 


Last weekend, my mom, two sisters, Nick and I went shopping together. This was not your average shopping trip. We carved out a day where Nick and I could help my two sisters pick out dresses that they could wear to our wedding since both of them will be standing up during the ceremony. The shy, scrawny, high-pitched voice, Barbie-playing boy that is at the core of my soul was smiling proud that day.  


It took a lot of self-growth to get here and many obstacles to overcome, but it is the person that I am today and the people that have been with me along the way, which is most significant. I could not be more grateful for my two loving parents and my three siblings. I wish all the younger boys in the world reading this article understands that being different is not a bad thing, and that one day life will be filled with countless days of joy where they can be who they are and love who they want. 


With Love,


Matt Jacobi

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Matt Jacobi is a writer and COO for an award-winning creative agency. Jacobi has been a voice of truth on various world topics such as women’s rights, religion, mental health, bullying and equality. His current mission is to get more men to stand with women so that they can work together to make equality more of a reality. Jacobi was inspired to be an advocate for women’s rights since the birth of his two nieces.

Jacobi previously worked side by side with international entrepreneurs traveling the globe and assisting in bringing their various brands to life. This experience allowed him to work alongside New York City’s top publishing company, Simon & Schuster and PR powerhouse, Rubenstein Public Relations.

His earlier career began in television after graduating from Arizona State University where he landed his first job at ABC News in Phoenix, Arizona. He later made the move to Hollywood where he worked at the celebrity news show, E! News. Shortly after, The Style Network went on to feature him in a television wedding special capturing his lifestyle expertise. Jacobi continued his on-camera career as a television personality where he starred in two reality shows for the E! Network.

You can follow his daily adventures by visiting MattJacobi.com.

@MattJacobi (Instagram.com/MattJacobi)

Matt Fishel Shares His New Love Song From A 'Proud and Happy 30-Something Gay Guy'

Award-winning UK recording artist Matt Fishel released his new live action video for I’m Totally Obsessed With Him, the fifth single from his new album, M/F.

I’m Totally Obsessed With Him is about crushing, fanboying, and obsession! The fun and fast-paced video features an array of characters and dancers in a variety of fun scenarios and eras, including: Matt with his early ‘90s demin squad; rocking a 1920s Speakeasy; frolicking in the Court of Versailles and fronting his full-scale rock band, with a frenetic throwback sax solo and ‘80s dance troupe thrown in for good measure!


Matt says:

“This video is a celebration of queerness, togetherness, fun, and pride. When I was planning the video, it was of the utmost importance to me to bring together and work with a diverse range of awesome and talented artists and crew members from across the LGBTQ+ communities, as well as people from all different backgrounds and walks of life. I believe passionately in diversity, inclusivity and equality and so I wanted to ensure this was represented both on screen and off.”

When we watched the video, we could definitely see the footage is a great mix of styles like '80s hair bands with Broadway with gay camp throwing that all up in the air and having it mix with the emotions that come along with young silly stupid love. The great energy in the song has us wanting to move about the house and think about those quirky times when we were all giddy with love. Ahhh, the memories.



There's a lot of stuff on the new album about life from my perspective as an out, proud and happy 30-something gay guy, working things out as I go along; politically passionate; in a beautiful relationship; embracing and exploring many aspects of LGBT life whilst on my journey. I have a lot to say with this album and a lot of commentary on society and the world around me as I perceive it, and I think you'll find it's overwhelmingly positive, upbeat and celebratory, with a little touch of melancholy thrown into the mix every now and then. But the overall tone is definitely one of joy and the songs are filled with positive energy and celebration. I can’t wait to finally share these new songs with the world.”Matt Fishel on M/F

What are your thoughts on I’m Totally Obsessed With Him?  Does it get you moving around and remember when your hear was a pitter patter over someone?

Taken from the album "M/F" - OUT NOW!  http://www.smarturl.it/mattfishel-mf
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Here's Why We At Instinct Think #NationalGunclesDay Is So Special.

There is truly a holiday for anything and everything, even a day that celebrates men who enjoy so many aspects to being an uncle to their nephews and nieces.  The second Sunday in August marks #NationalGunclesDay, and we at Instinct couldn't be happier to celebrate this wonderful occasion!

It's great to celebrate this special day, to honor the ability to be able to spoil our siblings' offspring completely rotten while imparting some wisdom and knowledge in the hopes that it helps shape them as a person throughout life.  We thought it would be nice to have our Instinct Writers share their stories about why they celebrate this day.  Maybe it will inspire others to call their nieces and nephews a call to say, "I love you" as only a gay uncle or guncle can.

Adam Dupuis: Web Managing Editor at Instinct Magazine

I love being with my nieces and nephews.  They are five great kids from ages 10 to 25, raised by wonderful siblings and their partners.  When I make it back home to Maine and stay with my parents, my siblings are always finding out my schedule in order to make sure the rugrats have Uncle Adam time.  We're a very close family and the nieces and nephews add so much. Seeing them grow and become all very different little humans has been a joy.  One joined the military last year and is scheduled to be shipped off to Afghanistan in September while the another had Nana dye her hair green for back to school.  Even though I am 1500+ miles away, we make the time to remain a strong family.  I've been able to be a part of their Disney and Universal trips to Florida, too.  My straight single brother living in New Orleans and I are blessed two ways, one, because we have great kids to spoil and two, we are thankful that the older two siblings had kids for the pressure is off for us to procreate.

Matt Jacobi: Television Personality, Blogger and Contributor for Maria Shriver.

I was was inspired to be an advocate for women's rights since the birth of his two nieces, Natalie and Colette. It became my duty as a Guncle to bring light to the topic of female empowerment, so they could grow up in a world that is filled with equal opportunity and rights that support them to be leaders, bosses, and – yes, fighters. Freedom fighters, equality fighters, and human right fighters.

David Lopez: Contributing Writer for Instinct Magazine

At this juncture in my life, I'm not sure if I will ever have kids. I dream about it and discuss it with my partner, but we never really know if it will ever become a reality--and sometimes that brings me down. But wherever I am, the one thing that makes me smile is seeing or hearing from any of my nieces and nephews. I am a proud Guncle (yes, a gay uncle) to seven beautiful souls, each with their own unique personality that makes me hopeful of today's youth. My brothers and sister have done amazing jobs raising their kids and I often like to attribute that a little piece of each of their kids comes from their connection to me. I am the youngest in my family, so younger siblings was something I was never afforded. This is why I feel like my bond with nieces and nephews is so strong. It's why it is so important for me to go to recitals and plays, watch sporting events, attend award ceremonies, help with school projects, visit classrooms to read Dr. Seuss--it's important to me because even though they're not my kids--they ARE my kids. Catalina, Ivan, Isaiah, Cecilia, Bianca, Viviana, and Pilar are my little brothers and sisters--the ones I never got to nurture, the ones I never got to take to the movies or the amusement park or to their first concert.

In less than a month, they will all be present as I marry my partner of 11 years and I can honestly say that having them there means the world to me because for most of them, I was their age when I first got to hold them as newborns in the hospital. They have all been part of my journey and while I mentioned that a little bit of them is because of me, the truth is that a lot of me is because of them. They make me a better person, they remind me that while the world is upside down there is the love and laughter of children and the curiosity to grow and learn. I'm fortunate to be a Guncle because from this I have known mutual admiration, inspiration, and pure love

Ryan Shea- Contributing Writer for Instinct Magazine

There are a million reasons why I love being an uncle to my nephews Eddie and Lucas.  My sister and I lost our mother at a young age, and we both felt sort of lost after her passing.  When my sister had Eddie back in 2012, he became this life that was brought back into our hearts and souls for the first time in the 8 years since she passed.  It's an indescribable feeling to go from something that brought such sadness to an immense amount of joy and they are both reasons why I am so upbeat and happy after all this time.

I love spending every single moment with both of them, as they make me laugh hysterically, tire me out from chasing after them, and warm my heart when they give me a big hug.  Anytime I am in a down mood, I know that they will both cheer me up and realize what is really important in life, and to not sweat the small things that really shouldn't matter.  Love you Eddie and Lukie!! 

Mickey Keating: Contributing Writer for Instinct Magazine 

Being a Guncle means the world to me. While I'm an only child, my family has expanded to my LGBTQ friends as well as my best girlfriends who I've known since the beginning of time.

My niece, Bailee, just turned 2! She is my best girlfriends baby. She's the cutest, little thing in the world. It's bizarre just how small she is next to people and objects! I'm in California and she resides in Chicago. I'm unfortunately missing out on a lot of her early life. But, I'm looking forward to the day when she's able to tell anyone she meets that she has an esteemed writer uncle in Hollywood! I'll spoil the hell out of her!

She is so special to me. She's now my best girlfriends number one. She stole my place! Haha. I love her and how happy she's made everyone she encounters. We needed Bailee in our lives!

Are you an awesome gay uncle?

Are you an awesome non-out gay uncle?

What's the best part of being a Guncle?

Instagram's Removal of Same-Sex Kiss Due to "Community Guidelines" Sparks Fury

Instagram stirred up some hot water after removing a photo of a gay kiss for “violating community guidelines.”

The controversial pic in question? Photographer Stella Asia Consonni’s snap of long-term gay couple Jordan Bowen and Luca Lucifer smooching passionately, with the caption, “is pizza is the only thing better than love? [sic]”

Instagram’s removal sparked some immediate outrage. Among those who spoke out in support of Consonni were musicians Olly Alexander of Years and Years and Jade Thirlwall of Little Mix.

Bowen wrote on his Instagram account:

“My relationship of seven years with @iamlucalucifer reduced to a Community Guideline. Earlier this was removed from @stellaasiaconsonni and flagged as inappropriate. @instagram spoon feeds us with rainbows and hashtags to appear in solidarity but it seems real people in love have no place here. Earlier this was removed from @stellaasiaconsonni and flagged as inappropriate. @instagram spoon feeds us with rainbows and hashtags to appear in solidarity but it seems real people in love have no place here.”


An Instagram spokesperson said in a statement: “This post was removed in error and we are sorry. It has since been reinstated.”

“This is just a teeny tiny event in the grand scheme of things,” said Consonni once the photo was restored to her page, “but seeing all the amazing response certainly restored a little of my faith in humanity.”

“There is still a long way to go in the fight against homophobia,” she continues in another rainbow post. “This goes to all my beautiful friends that have to deal with this BS all the time.”

h/t: https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2018/07/02/instagram-apologises-for-taking-down-gay-kiss-photo/

Flashback: Video Of Two Men Dancing Is Tugs at Our Hearts

We posted this last year in July, but with the weather getting warmer and us getting into summer loving mode soon!  But this looks more than just a summer fling.  There's emotion in those moves. We want what they have! 

Have a look see at what these two men are capable of conveying on the dance floor.


We have no idea if they are together, just dance partners, or just good friends having fun. 

What we do know is that it is beautiful, inspirational, and heartwarming. How can something this moving and uplifting be so wrong?

Thanks for bringing us a great moment of happiness to start our weekend.

And thanks to one of our readers for sharing the entire video seen below.

h/t: Disponivel.com

Demi Lovato Brings 'Love is Love' Center Stage & Helps Couple Get Engaged!

We've covered same-sex wedding proposals at concerts before, Adele, Beyonce, and so on.  You know what?!?! We love it!  Love is love and we love to see people happy!

Demi Lovato used her stage time in Inglewood, California on Friday night to invite her friend and  American Idol alum Rayvon Owen onto the stage. 

Her other friend, and Owen's partner Shane Bitney Crone, was waiting underneath the stage and came up to the surface via a trap door to surprise his partner.  Well you know what came next.


"Now I'm going to sing you a sing while I cry!  I'm so happy guys.I'm so f**king happy!"

We're happy and very jealous!

What song would she perform? "Yes."  She made the newly engaged couple sit on stage while they watched a prepared video of their love story. 



Would you do this Instincters? 

Who would you like to go see and help you propose to your love?

H/t:  ET.com

When A Wedding Becomes More Than Just A Celebration For The Happy Couple.

How many weddings have you been to and it's all about the happy couple?  Yes, they are the main focus, but don;t you enjoy the ceremonies and celebrations that are a party for everyone and celebrate all the love?

Thanks Myk & Raffy​ for sending us in the video of your wedding. In the video, the Filipino couple exchange vows and unite two halves to make a whole. Of course we teared up a little as Myk and Raffy spoke of their love and acceptance of one another. 

After that, it was all smiles and a desire to have been there to help you celebrate, to help everyone celebrate your love. 




Filipino Gay Wedding of Myk and Raffy.

IT'S GREAT to live in a country that acknowledges gay wedding.

It is a blessing to find a lifetime partner and an even more blessing to be living in a country that recognizes equal rights and opportunities.

Our wedding theme is black and white, because [they are] our favorite color and also because we are two different people like black and white.

We will be forever grateful for the amount of support we got and still receiving from our family and friends.

We are now legally married.

As I said, the celebration was for more than just Micheal and Rafael, Myk and Raffy. 

Three (3) of my groomsmaids or bridesmaids are my sisters and all 3 have been married in the past but never got to wear their dream wedding gown. On our wedding they finally did! Four brides and two grooms!

COCOMELODY was our modern day Fairy Godmother, letting us borrow the 4 gowns for free!

Bravo guys for celebrating love is love is love is love!



Michael & Raffy Getting ready location: Airtel plaza hotel
Ceremony and recepcion : Knollwood Country Club
Gowns: Cocomelody
Flower wall: Abgm.artdesign
Officiant: Rev. Doreene Hamilton
Photographer : Jenina simplicio
Videographer: Scott hayes
Photo booth : Evie photobooth
DJ: Dan "the party zone entertainement"
Wedding decorations rental: Heavenly party decorations
Luxury Events Decorator : That Special Touch
Cake: Pia Reyes