Andy Cohen's Newborn Son Takes Flight For The First Time

Looks like Andy Cohen’s time in Los Angeles has ended as he and his newborn son have packed their bags for his hometown of New York City.

The first-time father shared a photo of him and baby Benjamin Allen on what appears to be a very swanky private jet. “Digging the #dadgear” was what he wrote on the corresponding post while posing for the camera with Ben placed on the front of him.



Digging the #DadGear !!!

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His Instagram has been lit up like a Christmas tree ever since welcoming Benjamin into the world on Monday, February 4. Andy’s latest post is no different, as he received tons of well-wishes from his celebrity friends and fans alike.

Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel wrote “This is the best” next to an XO and kiss emoji. Others who chimed in with their kind words included supermodel Naomi Campbell and journalist Katie Couric.

Andy has been in Los Angeles for weeks now due to his impending fatherhood. He moved his popular late-night talk show Watch What Happens Live there as a result, where tons of stars like RuPaul and Christina Aguilera joined him on stage.

He first revealed the news about him becoming a father during an episode of WWHL shortly before the holidays. Andy chose his good friend Bruce Bozzi to be his son’s godfather, a decision he talked about two days after his surrogate gave birth.

Deuces, NYC! Andy Cohen Packs His Bags for Los Angeles

It's been a hectic month for Andy Cohen to say the least.

The late night talk show host revealed shortly before the Christmas holiday that he is going to be a first time father sometime in February, as his surrogate is only weeks from giving birth. He later on announced during his hosting gig on CNN's New Years Eve alongside his BFF Anderson Cooper that baby number one for him will be a boy.

Speaking of New Year's Eve, the Watch What Happens Live host got torn apart on social media with many people wishing that Kathy Griffin would return and replace him. Sadly that didn't happen, and probably won't happen for a long time (if ever).

Now Andy has revealed another big piece of news, as he told PEOPLE on Monday that he's moving to Los Angeles from New York City... at least for a short period of time.

WWHL will be relocating to LA for six weeks beginning January 14th. He's done this show in the sunny Californian city in the past not once but twice.

"Moving the Clubhouse to L.A. is a win all the way around." he said. "There will be great guests, great energy and I can make a 9 p.m. dinner reservation after we get off the air!"

The guests for his show are pretty fabulous so far, with RuPaul, Christina Aguilera and more planning on stopping by. All of this will be in preparation for possibly the biggest moment of his life: becoming a dad. 


NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson To Become Acting Public Advocate

2018 has been a good year for Corey Johnson.

At the very start of the year, Johnson swore into the position of the Speaker of New York City Council. This position happens to be the second most powerful elected office role in the city. Johnson, who is openly gay, is the first person living with HIV to be elected into the position as well.

“We believe in New York where no one is targeted simply because of who they are — Muslim New Yorkers, immigrants, the undocumented, African Americans, Jewish New Yorkers, transgender New Yorkers,” said Corey in a speech he gave after the vote. “We must reject hate in all its forms and stand united against bigotry and racism.”

Then in September, Johnson posted a thread of emotional and heartfelt tweets on the anniversary of his HIV diagnosis.

Now at year end, Johnson is leaving 2018 on a funny but strong note as he tweeted out a video of himself singing the theme song to Full House with a friend.

Meanwhile, Johnson is about to take on another powerful political role.

Johnson is about to become the acting public advocate starting January 1. He’ll hold both positions until February 26, when a special election will take place to replace Letitia James who was elected as state attorney general in November. Then, someone like Daniel O’Donnell will take over the position.

Johnson won’t let the dual-positions go by unused however. According to the New York Times, Corey Johnson has a plan to use the two roles until the end of February.

As the New York Times writes:

“Donning his public advocate hat, he plans to call attention to the performance of the city’s 311 complaint line by releasing data about response times at various city agencies, and the number of calls it takes to get a problem corrected. Then, as City Council speaker, he will hold hearings about the 311 data.”

“He said he plans to add interactive maps, created by the Council’s data team, to the public advocate’s website to help pair students with schools. He has scheduled a survey of subway riders — online and in person — and will be making appearances at train stations in all five boroughs to query passengers over five days in January.”

Congratulations on the wonderful 2018 had by Corey Johnson. We can’t wait to see how 2019 goes for you.

h/t: New York Times

Over 50,000 LED Lights Adorn This Year's History Making 30 Rock Tree

This year’s Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center in New York City made history as it comes from the first same-sex household and first Latina household. The Norway spruce stands 72-feet tall and was spotted by a Rockefeller Center scout at the home of Shirley Figueroa and her wife Lissette Gutierrez in Wallkill, NY reports the New York Times. Wallkill is located less than two hours north of NYC and it is the location Figueroa and Gutierrez chose to settle last year.

The couple, who are proudly Puerto Rican, are happy to be able to donate the tree since they are native New Yorkers. Figueroa is retired and grew up on a treeless street in the Bronx, so being able to make history with a tree that once stood on her property is extra special.

During the 86th annual tree lighting ceremony that included performances by Diana Ross, Billy Porter, Martina McBride, Tony Bennett, and Kellie Pickler, the couple watched the 50,000 LED lights with the rest of New York.

The tree will be on display until January 7, 2019 at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

h/t: New York Times, Rockefeller Center

NYC Man Watched Husband Get Dragged Around By Angry Uber Driver

We have yet another instance of a ride-share driver attacking a gay rider. This time, a gay couple from New York.

According to NBC News, Taray Carey and husband Alex Majkowski were in the middle of an Uber ride this Wednesday around 2.am. The gay couple, who married less than a month ago, were in the car with a mutual friend, and headed to a bar near their East Village home.

The situation turned ugly, however, when their driver violently reacted to seeing Carey put his arm around his husband. The driver, who Carey recalls was from Russia, allegedly asked, “Are you f**s?”

After that, the driver’s speech only became more hostile as he expressed a desire to harm the riders.

“He’s telling us in his country we would be beheaded and left for dead,” Carey told NBC News.

Once they reached the next red light in the East Village, the friend jumped out of the car. Unfortunately, Carey wasn’t so lucky, as his seat belt got caught mid-exit. The driver then took off and dragged the couple, with Carey half-way out the car, for about a “quarter of a block.”

Casey later posted the below pictures on Facebook depicting the cuts he received on his hands, left knee, and right side from the incident.

“I said, ‘Let me out, let me out, let me out!’ just over and over until he stopped,” Majowski told NBC New York.

The couple and friend then reached out to police, but they say they received no support from the authorities.

“We were very emotional and very upset, but the cop was barely listening. He wasn’t taking notes,” Carey explained. “We wanted him to put out an alert to search for this guy’s plates, and he told us not to tell him how to do his job.”

Meanwhile, Uber states that it is currently investigating the situation and has revoked the driver’s access to their app.

This is just the latest installment in a year of several horror stories involving gay rideshare customers and their drivers.

In May, an Indiana Lyft driver kicked out his passengers after seeing them share a chaste kiss. In July, an Uber driver called the police on his D.C. rider because the rider sounded gay. Then earlier this month, a Lyft diver pulled out a gun and threatened to kill his gay passengers.

And these are just a few of the stories Instinct has reported on in the past year.

We’ll keep you updated on Uber’s, and the NY police’s, investigation into the case with Carey and Majowski.

h/t: NBC News, NBC New York

Stonewall Premieres "The Journey:" A Film About The History Of Gay Officers In New York City

On June 28, 1969, patrons at the Stonewall Inn in New York City rioted against police officers who had terrorized and bullied them for far too long.

Now just one year short of the Stonewall riots’ 50th anniversary, the NYPD are recognizing the efforts they’ve made to be inclusive to gay people within the organization.

Last night, the gay police union called the Gay Officers Action League of New York (GOAL), the NYPD, and the Stonewall Inn joined together to celebrate the gay men and women who have served the city of New York while wearing blue.

Even further, the organizations gathered to watch the premiere of the documentary The Journey, which spotlights the struggles and triumphs of LGBTQ NYPD officers.

“What you have right now is the NYPD owning some of its history, especially an ugly part of its history,” said Detective Brian Downey, President of GOAL to New York’s WPIX 11.



Despite the NYPD’s turbulent history with LGBTQ people, the department has since worked hard to support LGBTQ people within its ranks. This is especially true after Charlie Cochrane, the first openly gay officer in the NYPD, formed GOAL back in 1983.

“From where we were in 1982 to where we are today is a world of difference and it’s so much better,” said NYPD Chief Terence Monahan at the premiere. “I’m standing here, Chief of Department and I’m in Stonewall Inn, 50 years ago, cops were storming the Stonewall Inn.

But this premiere isn’t the end of The Journey. The producers of the film plan to extend it into a longer movie that will then be circulated around the city and beyond.

We look forward to seeing the finished product.

h/t: New York’s WPIX 11

Queens Man Who Attacked Two Gay Brooklyners Arraigned On Hate Crimes

The man accused of an attack on two men outside of a Brooklyn gay bar has been arraigned.

Back in September, we shared the news that two gay men were attacked outside of a gay bar in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg.

The man confronted the two victims around 1 a.m. on September 23 by yelling out homophobic slurs. He then started a physical altercation by throwing the 29-year-old victim against a tree and punching his 34-year-old companion to unconsciousness.

After several news outlets covered the story and shared a picture that a pedestrian took of the assailant, 25-year-old Brandon McNamara brought himself into police custody.

While McNamara was later released from the Brooklyn Criminal Court on a $15,000 bail, he was charged with assault, menacing, and harassment. All of which, were also charged as hate crimes.

Now, the man, who is reportedly from Queens, will return to court on January 16 with the potential to go to prison for up to 15 years.

Opinion: The Gay Scene in NYC’s Chelsea is Dead and Gone

News broke out on Thursday that The Rocking Horse Café, a gay institution in the heart of Chelsea, has closed its doors after 30 years of business. This was an “out of the blue” kind of ordeal, in that many of my friends just ate there a couple of days ago and now all that’s left is a sad sign on the door thanking its customers for the many years of service and great memories.

It’s one of many several hotspots in Chelsea that have closed down over the past decade, leaving this writer to wonder if the area that we helped make fabulous and incredible is now going the way of the dodo bird… meaning extinct.

The landscape of gay NYC has radically changed for plenty of years now, dating back to a time when I wasn’t even legal to buy a cigarette. Gone are the days where we have tons of bars to head to, venues to party at and coffee shops and restaurants to eat in and enjoy each other’s company. Chelsea is a prime example of that, where 8th avenue has now become riddled with stroller moms, annoying college students and an influx of heterosexuality which overall has made this area super unappealing.

What or who is to blame for this? The digital atmosphere that we live in is definitely something to be held accountable for, especially when it comes to the cruising atmosphere that was so prevalent from the 70’s to the mid to late 2000’s. Thousands of us now have apps that we can use to peruse our next great f**k session as opposed to getting dressed up and finding a guy (or two or three) for the night. This also goes with meeting other men for dates or friendships, which used to be the go-to thing at the several gay bars that was all over this enchanting area of NYC.

Now… we have two left. TWO. Gym Sportsbar and Rebar, the latter of which isn’t even on 8th avenue (it’s between 8th and 7th). A lot of the popular gay bars that used to inhabit this area (Rawhide and Splash for example) are gone, and trendy restaurants and real estate have taken its place. It’s so absurdly frustrating that we as a community have come so far in terms of visibility and acceptance yet are finding our meccas and places we call a second home close in lieu of a monster that we have a hard time fighting.

What I fear so much is that what will happen if the only gay bars that are left in Chelsea will close. Does this mean gay life in this area will be gone for good? We have World Pride coming up in June, and it’s sort of embarrassing that we don’t have much to show in an area that used to be incredible. A lot of the popular gay bars in New York City are now in Hell’s Kitchen, with a couple others happening in the Upper East Side, Astoria and even Harlem.

Essentially, what gay men do is that we take a place that was once deemed terrible, come in, make it nice, and then have other people take over and turn it into something that is far from what it used to be. Look at Times Square for instance, a place that was once gritty but so real and what made NYC special has become a tourist trap where people shop at Sephora and eat at The Olive Garden. REALLY GIRL? You can do that at home.

This may come off as a rant, but New York City helped me and many other gay men find ourselves as our upbringings weren’t exactly rosy. Chelsea is a very special part of this city for many of us, and to see it change to what it is now is beyond frustrating. No, I don’t want your well-priced sushi rolls or your $4,000 a month 1-bedroom places to crash at. I want a fantastic gay experience with my amazing friends at places that will give me memories for years to come. And that… is priceless.

This post was created by one of our Contributing Writers and does not reflect the opinion of Instinct Magazine or the other Contributing Writers when it comes to this subject.

Sex, Aerial & Rock 'n' Roll Light Up a Kinky Night in New York City

Something that is severely missing in New York City as of late are the elements of kink and naughty. Rudy Giuliani did a great job at either getting rid of or shunning those two fabulous words back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s to the point where Times Square went from being a seedy but super amazing place to be in to a strip mall where you can buy beauty products and run into annoying tourists.

There are still those hidden gems that exist within the greatest city of the world, one of which I was happy to discover this past Thursday night. I attended a show called Sex, Aerial, & Rock 'n' Roll, which took place at The Slipper Room in the heart of the gritty Lower East Side.

It was something that captivated me from the minute I ordered my drink. Sex, Aerial & Rock ‘n’ Roll literally combines those three topics and blends them into a mature and fascinating way that doesn’t overtly get too raunchy or sexual. Finding the right balance in shows like this, whether it be one on Broadway or at a local cabaret theater, is important to the quintessential New Yorker and the creators behind this did that and some.

The show, produced by aerialist Kristin Olness and stage manager Brian Rardin, features New York City’s best and hottest aerialists, circus and burlesque performers all on one tiny stage who tickle your fancy in different ways. Each of them performs their own stunts and tricks to a bevy of classic rock ‘n’ roll tracks including Guns N’ Roses “Welcome to the Jungle”.

Two of the performers acted as go-go dancers during the show’s intermission: one male and one female. The best part about it was both men and women went up to tip each of the dancers while they stood scantily clad, making it for a judgement free evening for them on stage and everyone in the audience.

I was impressed by how flexible each of the performers were. Whether it was expertly working on a set of ropes or making a singular chair look sexy as hell (think Britney in “Stronger”), each of them perfected their craft to a tee and made for a great night. Also, the host was hilarious and sang a bunch of hits as she made her way through the crowd.

The Slipper Room offers a ton of other one-of-a-kind shows in case anyone reading this is in NYC or is planning to visit over the next couple of months. The next Sex, Aerial & Rock ‘n’ Roll show will happen on October 25th. More information here.

Video Of A Man Beating Up A Homophobic Attacker Goes Viral

First, we have to give you a graphic violence and language warning. Second, we, thankfully, have to tell you that the supposed gay man isn't being bashed.

When stories like two men get attacked outside of New York gay bar are trending, it’s almost refreshing to see a story of a man fighting homophobes back.

According to LGBTQNation, a video is going viral of a man riding a New York City bus and being bothered by a homophobe. While a physical altercation does break out, it’s not the "gay" man who gets beaten.

The video, which you can watch below or find here, starts after the confrontation has already begun (like many viral videos do).

You can hear one man yelling out, “You still suck d****, though. I don’t give a s***. … I don’t fight with little f***** a****.”

The man on the end of these insults then points out that the two are being recorded while on the bus and asks the homophobe if he wants to go somewhere privately.

“You look really dumb,” he says while mocking the homophobe. “You’re trying to look for words and s*** to say. You don’t know what the f*** to say. ‘Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, all y’all are f****** and s***.’ Call people f******* outside. There’s no f*****’ cameras outside. You wanna get a f*****’ aggravated assault charge? C’mon.”

Unfortunately, the homophobe then launches for an attack. Fortunately, the other man is more than prepared for him.

For the record, we keep saying supposed gay man, because there is no real confirmation that the receiver of this attack was gay. We don't know the full context without the start of the fight, but we do know that the man never denies being gay.

Again, the video does depict graphic violence and graphic language, so viewer discretion is advised.

h/t: LGBTQNation