Miley Cyrus Teases Mature Details About Liam Hemsworth In Bed

Is Liam Henmsworth great in bed? His fiancé says so.

Singer Miley Cyrus has become yet another female celebrity boasting about her lover’s package. The pop singer responded to an Instagram post by meme account SourPsycho. The post included the lines:

“No man has all 5:

  • Good dick game
  • Empathy
  • A height above 5’9
  • No hoes
  • Common sense.”

Cyrus popped up in the comments of that post to say, “"Mine does! Don't give up!"

But that’s not all, Riverdale star Lili Reinhart, who is dating co-star Cole Sprouse, also chimed in to say, “found one.”



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Lili Reinhart and Miley Cyrus have joined the list of female celebrities starting an internet frenzy over their lovers’ equipment.

Another recent one from this year was when gay porn star Blake Mitchell made a joke about SNL comedian Pete Davidson possibly being hung. The SNL star’s then-fiancé Ariana Grande confirmed the rumors before the comedian himself fanned the flames of interest.

The talk of Pete’s package continues post his breakup with Ariana as she alluded to it in her music video for “Thank You, Next.” In the video, Ariana mimics classic 2000s film Mean Girls and is seen writing into a burn book. Ariana’s nice twist on the book however shows compliments and pleasant notes such as one stating that Davidson is “HUUUUUGE.”

KJ Apa and Rob Raco Share a Hot LipLock on 'Riverdale'

I’ve heard of Riverdale, but I’ve never seen it. I don’t know what the hell it’s about. That Cole Sprouse is awfully cute. Don’t he and Daisy Ridley kind of look alike?

To prepare for this article, I watched a thirty-second promo for what I think is the upcoming episode of Riverdale. It features a gay kiss that’s kind of hot.

According to my sources, the kiss is between Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) and Joaquin DeSantos (Rob Raco). It lasts for about 0.025 seconds in the promo, but it was hot overall and I enjoyed looking at it.

So what the hell is this show about? It looks like it’s for teens? It looks like it’s about some kind of heist? And someone is holding a boxing match in an empty swimming pool? And there is time-travel?

Whatever. Watch two hot young men kiss in the promo below.

Do you know what the hell Riverdale is about? Should I watch it, or just check out GIFS of man-on-man action on the internet? Let me know in the comments.


KJ Apa Reveals His Craziest Moment Which Involved An Older Man’s Privates, A Dead Deer, And The Woods

KJ Apa and several of his Riverdale castmates appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday night, where host Andy Cohen asked a bevy of questions to them about their lives on and off the show.

One of the q’s fielded towards the studly 22-year-old revolved around the craziest thing that happened on a road trip that happened between him and Cole Sprouse (Cole was not on the show that night).

Without missing a beat, KJ responded with “We may have seen an old man’s penis.” Umm… WHAT? “How did that happen?”, Andy asked in disbelief.

“Well, what happened was we were walking down a trail on Mt. Whitney, and there was an elderly man walking with no shirt on, bunch of stubbies, pair of shoes. And he’s walking down, and there’s a deer that had just run down. And he’s up here, taking a piss next to the tree, and then he turns around like this and goes, ‘Did you see it?’?

Watch the rest of the clip to see what Cole said in response to seeing “It”.




'Riverdale' Star KJ Apa Gives New Meaning to the Word 'Bulge'

Riverdale star KJ Apa has been providing his assortment of fans with a ton of thirst-related photos from the past couple of years. This has occurred both on and off the very popular CW show.

Some of his hottest moments included him working up a major sweat shirtless, putting his pants on (once again shirtless) and flaunting his absurdly amazing abs on Instagram (ummm... shirtless).

His latest photo of sorts just might quench your first the most, as it shows him in nothing but a pair of loose boxers with quite the indent in the front. But wait... there's more!

There's also a couple of GIF's where he's reclining in the sun and readjusting himself prior to laying fully down. And it looks like there's a ton of candy there based on the, well... movement.

Cocktailsandcocktalk were lovely to put all of this together on one neat link. Check it out.