11 men, 10 floors, 1 elevator, and 1 chance at love.
Philly police have upped patrols and initiated an investigation.
Even the censored version could be NSFW.
'I just hope I do it right.'
Wait 'til you see this silhouette. Woof.
“What gets measured is what matters. LGBTQ people matter.”
“This film is not about his homosexuality, nor does his sexuality define him."
Which is not very surprising in my opinion.
Check out photos from the joyous event.
Even better, it's the first song the couple has recorded together.
But who will keep them warm???
He met 'a handful' of men on Grindr and was planning to move with his male lover
Mama Ru & RPDR Season 3 champ Raja guest-star on the hit series
Joined by Thorgy Thor, Trinity Taylor, Ginger Minj, and sexy Pablo Hernandez
He filmed himself having sex with a Delta Airlines flight attendant last month.
The show finds its funny (somewhat) after 2 emotionally draining episodes.
"Everybody was celebrating - it was beautiful"
"When they say 'family friendly, they mean white, straight people."
"In the dressing room, there is a lot of testosterone, teasing and communal showers."
He then pulled out a gun and told passenger, "I want to kill everyone that is gay."
But it's not the anti-gay poster you think it is.
The oldest republic in the world takes one step closer to the modern age.
We barely tapped the bars, restaurants, and the boys, but we fell in love with 'The City of Roses'
The spot explores the power a special gift can have
MTV Gives Us Gay Lovers Quarrels!
Jeff Rohrer shares his story in advance of his upcoming wedding
It's about time.
Sorry, not sorry.
"We have a such a beautiful opportunity to show two black men in a relationship together... wasn’t anything against white men."