It's the end of an era.
Finally someone's asking the important questions!!
...And challenges the "defense" of his perceived heterosexuality!
...but doesn't include homosexuality as a sexual orientation option?
You're welcome.
A "homosociality" survey may reveal surprising results.
What do you do when you can't find the words??
The 'Spiderman' star came to play!! Watch!
Harry has that effect.
What prompted this formerly homophobic venue to evolve?
What does the owner of Kentucky's anti-gay print shop have to say about his discriminatory policy?
Well, we got it!!
A new twist in the separation of church and state!
What's he have to say to critics of her "Dressed To Kill" tour costumes?
"We will gladly help them!"
Gallery of images from the event inside!
Includes a "no LGBT" symbol on the front window of its storefront!
The Tennessee venue renegs on their agreement to host a commitment ceremony for the gay war vets.
...And the LGBT ally encourages gay athletes to come out! (NSFW-ish)
...and nearly breaks Instagram!