These cosplayers came dressed for the occasion.
At least more than their heterosexual counterparts
A memo was signed this afternoon
Inaugural Festival will benefit LGBT Community
Looking back on our recent popular and newsworthy posts.
Fans can't decide whether its real or fake, but they can agree on what they'd do with it.
Cheeky! (NSFW-ish!)
Says Jessie Colter: "I'm still shook up."
Manscaping tips for everyone! - SPONSORED CONTENT
He's still 'Just Jack', but now he has an app for that
“I am a gay, Muslim, Arab-American man."
WOOF! That is one hot couple!
Said a network exec, "There are quite enough gay people on television.”
Watch Russell Tovey strip naked, in GIFs. (NSFW-ish!!)
He Prefers Masculine Females As Protagonists
See the ads and message
41 athletes are out so far. Last year, there were only 22.
Here's a courtside seat to the wackiness
Falling in love with Mexico's historic state
The funds were raised from Pride Month Gear Auction
The jury's out over whether or not Tom Cruise used a "fake butt" in 'Valkyrie.'
...And Attempted Burglary, According To Reports
...For Gay People
An article from the French company caused a stir on twitter and the company scrambled to problem solve.
Colton Haynes is tan, gorgeous, and rocking a new buzz cut!
At a critics conference, the showrunner said the show will discuss it despite the fact that Versace never did.
See the endorsement here
This includes excluding feminine men in dating, social circles, and life