We Love HBO’s “Here And Now” About A Gay Adoptee From A Multiracial Family

While many praise Netflix original shows like Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black as being cultural juggernauts, HBO is still hitting a few of its dramas out of the park.

From Game of Thrones to Insecure, HBO knows a thing or two about making crowd pleasing shows. With that, we’re hoping their latest drama will garner the huge crowd that it deserves.

Here and Now was created by Alan Ball, a writer/producer from Six Feet Under and True Blood, and stars Holly Hunter.

The start of the series follows Hunter’s character as she watches over her four adult-aged children. What’s also interesting is that three of said children were adopted from different countries (Colombia, Vietnam, and Senegal).

In a This is Us-like fashion, the show follows these characters (and Hunter’s on screen husband) through their largely different, yet intimately connected lives.

But why are we talking about the show with you all? Because one of the children, named Ramon and played by Daniel Zovatto, is gay. The series's first episode sees Ramon introducing his boyfriend to his mother with the line, "We put our dicks in each other.”

On top of that, Ramon is also dealing with both seeing things that aren’t actually there and his family's involvement in that progressing situation.

If you’re interested in watching this show, the trailer is down below. Plus, the first episode is already out on HBO for you to watch.

Major Companies Drop Louis C.K. After Sexual Accusations

Just as suspected in yesterday's postLouis C.K.'s trouble as the most recent culprit in the Perv Purge of 2017 has begun. Since yesterday's huge expose by the New York Times that ignited the sound off on the off-color, crass comedian some major plans have changed in the funny man's schedule.

HBO, has declared that Louis C.K. will be removed from their benefit from Autism "Night of Too Many Stars" that is scheduled to broadcast on November 18th. HBO has also stated that they will be removing all on demand specials that the comedian is a part of.

In addition, Netflix, who recently produced and released a comedy special for the comedian in April has announced that they will no longer be moving forward with another special as had originally been planned.

A Netflix representative told USA Today:

The allegations made by several women in the New York Times about Louis C.K.’s behavior are disturbing. Louis' unprofessional and inappropriate behavior with female colleagues has led us to decide not to produce a second stand up special, as had been planned.

But after only one day under the microscope, it doesn't end there. Not only was the premiere of Louis C.K.'s film I Love You, Daddy was abruptly cancelled in NYC yesterday, but now, the film's distributor Orchard Films has stated that the film will no longer be released--PERIOD. The film was set for a limited release on November 17th, but now it won't see the light of day. 

FX, who produces Louis C.K.'s show "Louie" has not taken any action against the comic. Instead they have released a statement that they will be investigating Louis' conduct during his time working with them.

I mean, I am a Louis fan, but it's going to be hard to recover from all of these allegations without a proper apologize and without demonstrating that he has the desire to change--that's if no charges are raised against him.

With a list of sexual pervs growing on a weekly basis, it seems that a lot of careers could be ending. One can only wonder if Louis C.K., who makes a living talking trash and sharing the most horrible facets of his life, will be able to pull himself out of this one. Maybe this will become part of his acts?

Issa Rae Wants To Revisit LGBTQ Issues On Her HBO Show Insecure

Screenshot via Youtube

A few months ago, while many people stormed HBO to dine on the decadent Game of Thrones series and then fly away to await the next episode, some stuck around an hour to enjoy Insecure.

If you don’t know, Insecure is an HBO show staring Issa Rae. Rae grew popular for her Youtube web series Awkward Black Girl before getting greenlit by HBO to have her own show.

Insecure follows Issa Rae’s character Issa and best friend Molly as they go through the black female experience concerning careers, relationships, and sex.

The season of the show was  major success (enough to earn it two more seasons), and it even touched on gay culture when a male character stated that he had a gay experience before.

The episode then looked at the double standard of society accepting women’s right to explore their sexuality and looking badly on men for doing the same.

Now, it looks like Issa Rae may be willing to take another look at LGBTQ life and this time for transgender people.

BET asked Issa Rae “Do you see the show tackling transgender issues?” and she responded:

“Yes, it’s just figuring out the right way to do that. I think so many other shows are doing a great job without feeling like it’s shoehorned and it fits in naturally. For us, it’s just about finding the most natural way. There’s so many topics we wanted to explore but, at the end of the day, we are just trying to tell a good story without anything feeling forced. It’s something I’d love to tackle. We almost did it this season but it didn’t fit within the story we were trying to tell. Hopefully, we’ll see what season three will hold.”

Game of Thrones Season 7 Is Coming...


Game Of Thrones GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

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If you sit still for a moment on Sunday, July 16th you’ll be able to hear the screeches of a dragons reverberating across the world as viewers tune in for the next season of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

After some of the bloodiest and most shocking revelations in season 6, Game of Thrones fans have been desperately anticipating the return of the good versus evil world created by George R. R. Martin.

If you haven’t caught up to this point, what’s wrong with you? 



But if you need a recap, here’s what we learned last season when we tuned in:

  • Sexy Jon Snow has returned from the grave—the gasp heard round the world
  • Cersei Lannister is indeed a heartless bitch when she ignites Wild Fire to King’s Landing—and subsequently shaming her son, King Tommen Baratheon, into committing suicide
  • Sansa Stark finally reaches dark AF status and has the ultimate clap back when she mercilessly leaves Ramsay Bolton for dog food
  • Arya can see again! Hooray! And she proves that she does know how to use that sword
  • The gut-wrenching meaning behind Hodor’s name
  • A painful trial for Loras Tyrell for “laying with other men”  that ends with a bang!
  • Daenerys Targaryen sets sail for Westeros with her army—ready to claim her throne
  • Winter is…finally here

And with the return of Game of Thrones, you know what that means? The return of Gay of Thrones that will be servicing you with some GoT recap realness week after week through the final moments of one of the highest rated shows in television history.

Will the final episodes of GoT grant us some closure on all the beloved characters we have lost? Who will be the one to take the throne? Will Brandon Stark ever be able to walk? Will Jon Snow finally have a gay scene? All questions we are dying to have answers to.

I’m getting all sweaty just thinking about it!

Get your popcorn, potions and elixirs ready--Season 7 of Game of Thrones premieres on Sunday, July 16th on HBO. It's gonna be on fire!




September/October Show

Reviews by Jeff Katz & Gary Kramer


Valentine Road (TV)


4.5 stars

Five years after the tragic murder of 15-year-old Larry King comes the powerful doc Valentine Road, debuting in October on HBO. Speaking with friends, lawyers, former teachers and family, director Marta Cunningham attempts to explain the whys of both how a young boy who felt different wasn’t protected, and how his classmate could go to such extreme measures when he felt threatened. Cunningham does explore the backstory of what some have dubbed the other victim in this unfortunate incident—King’s killer, Brandon McInerney. His family and friends are interviewed and we learn of his abusive upbringing and, much like King, a difficult childhood. Perfectly timed for National Bully Awareness Month, Valentine Road, in part, brings to light how the school administration failed both boys, with interviews from teachers and staff that are equally heartbreaking as they are infuriating. At times the doc feels as if it’s lacking a bit of call to action, possibly masked behind the in-depth backstory. But it's the contributions from Larry’s friends that will leave viewers with a bit of hope at the end of this sad story, as one boy’s ability to live his all-too-brief life authentically continues to inspire those who knew him. — JK





Laurence Anyways (DVD)

Breaking Glass

2 stars

Out filmmaker Xavier Dolan’s ambitious film about the title character (Melvil Poupaud) becoming a woman is overlong—nearly three hours!—and underwhelming. While there is plenty of style on display with Dolan’s fancy camera work, imaginative fantasy sequences, and his penchant for gorgeous clothes and fabulous set design, there is, alas, no heart here. Laurence and his girlfriend, Fred (Suzanne Clément), are shrill, selfish characters who lie and fight. There are points to be made about gender roles and the treatment of and marginalization of trans people, but Laurence Anyways suggests punching men in bars and screaming at insensitive waitresses are effective methods for teaching tolerance. Poupaud is unconvincing as the woman he was not born to be, even when he walks confidently down the street in female dress and attracts stares. Dolan’s uneven film swerves wildly between dramatic and melodramatic crescendos without an ounce of emotion, save frustration. At least Nathalie Baye is terrific as Laurence’s mother. — GK





Bashment (DVD)


Bashment is an ambitious, overstuffed, but not ineffective film about a queer, white MC in the UK grappling with the aftermath of a violent incident that leaves his lover brain damaged. Writer/director Rikki Beadle-Blair asks many provocative questions about race and class, as well as masculinity, gender, and sexuality as victims confront their jailed attackers to find the source of the hate and rage. The ideas about forgiveness and bridging the gaps between black and white, gay and straight, even male and female are valid, although viewers will have to get past some wildly unrealistic transformations. Additionally, the characters’ thick accents, plus the film’s plot contrivances and staginess—Bashment is based on a play—can be straining. And while Beadle-Blair may cudgel viewers with loud, angry language, his mission here is to promote a new way of thinking about manners, racism, and homophobia—and for that he should be applauded. — GK





Aleksandr’s Price (DVD)

Breaking Glass

1 star

Written, directed, and starring the handsome but talentless Pau Masó, Aleksandr’s Price is a laughably bad drama about an illegal broke young Russian in New York City who turns tricks to support himself. While Aleksandr had a few good experiences initially, he soon experiences a downward spiral of epic proportions. Recounting his story to a therapist (one of the many bad performers in the film), Aleksandr talks about his regrets. Viewers who watch this film all the way through will have some as well. Aleksandr falls for his clients and would-be clients to ease his loneliness and stave off debt; he gets raped, blackmailed by a cop, and into a quasi-S&M-like scene. And just when the film cannot possibly get any worse, he hits absolute rock bottom by sleeping with the wrong man. Aleksandr’s Price is never sexy or stimulating, but the title character has an odd habit of masturbating to ease the tension in his life. Yes, it’s that kind of wrongheaded film. — GK