pledging condemnation of same-sex marriage & abortion or lose job.
Congrats, gents!!
We'll warn you now, that scene from 'Ghost' is NSFW!
A new study suggests sexual roles might be determined at birth.
Bette Midler to be replaced by Dolly Parton?
Funniest thing this week!
Also hates any kind of divorce and is highly religious.
Are you a stealthy man yourself?
Check out the beautiful new photo series from Heartpatrick. (NSFW-ish)
"One hundred days of Trump translates into 100 days of erasure for the LGBTQ community."
"I do miss my old life."
Take in the beauty of Palawan with Pietro Boselli!
"...yes, the dude wearing the tutu shoulders some of the responsibility [for being assaulted]."
Key cast members are planning to return!
"I’m amazed that, given the amount of people I’ve sent pictures of my c*ck to, that it’s not become famous, too."
...Him For Dating An Older Man
..Are Asking For A Beating
“It kind of propelled me into being louder and brasher and more experimental."
Watch the tense interaction.
“household intimacy inherent in camp life could also transcend racial difference."
Have you been where he's been?
Rest in peace.
The Aussie actor shows us his down under! (NSFW!)
...From A Recent Flight.
Juicy! (NSFW-ish!)
Leave your hula skirts at home! A trip to "the Big Island" brings you a different kind of Hawaiian adventure!
"...With a crackled, caked-on muddy coating that shows you're not afraid to get down and dirty."
"I'm going to live in my truth until the day that I die."