Says he was having a bad day. smh.
Did the bare-all fans help Handsome Dan with the win? Youbetcha!
Do blondes have more fun?
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"#NameAPenceMusical: All Our Rights Gone With the Wind"
“They’ve been everywhere — in schools, in places of business like Walmart, on the street.”
Right Now, More Than Ever Before. We Need Love. Equal Love.
Now these are 'model doctors.'
He speaks out against the potential registration of Muslims.
“every week & 1/2 or so, in my social network, somebody faces suicide."
Battle involves emancipation, state law, and parental rights
"The possibility of future same-sex marriage restrictions is very real, and if we wanted to get married, it's now or never."
...and a very special message from the cast: "...we truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our American values."
She comes out in a powerful open letter to Donald Trump voters.
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Man Bathes in Yellowstone Basin, Dissolves in Boiling Acid
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Our hearts and prayers are in Nashville tonight.
What's in the water in Argentina?! (NSFW)
"My saddle's waiting, come and jump on it!"
The incredible discovery could lead to potent new methods of HIV prevention and treatment.
"Share your beso."
Kanye said he's, "glad Trump inspired racists to reveal themselves."
The ladies team up for a super sexy video!
Latest Diesel and About You models are shining in new ads.
Commissioner makes argument that human rights do not need approval by a majority to extend to all.
There's just a couple of skeletons in his closet.
Warren calls Trump out on breaking his promise to "drain the swamp" in Washington politics.
Get ready, Lambs!
How'd he get Paris' vote?