Congressman Tim Murphy is known for his anti-LGBT voting record.
...Speaks To Anderson Cooper
Get another eyeful of the Love Island hunk!
He brought his fiance and some famous friends.
The Watch What Happens Live audience gasped.
He pulled his pants down in the first episode...
Did he become HIV-Positive while practicing or after he stopped using PrEP?
"This type of incident is unacceptable..."
The media and his plethora of hair are just two.
Is It Acceptable To Send Sex Videos To Someone You’re Interested In?
Transgender Folks See A Step In The Right Direction
The NHS will freeze eggs and sperm
Sentence will include jail time and more punishments.
"Death is not the end."
Watch them shake their pontas with no camisas on.
And he just got a text message from the truck's owner.
Our spidey sense is tingling!
Said Kim Cattrall: “I don’t know what [Sarah Jessica's] issue is, I never have.”
Need a hand, Franco? (NSFW-ish!)
Said one Democratic rep: "Stealthing is sexual assault."
...Without Bringing Up Trump
...With His Semen, Officials Say
After Monday's horrific event, this helped out a lot.
Creating the largest representation of LGBT Entertainers
Another step forward for religious communities
Will it become the first nation in Central America to allow it
"If it's not gay, it's not gay."
Seems he can never escape that one gay role he played.
"Insecure" already talked about gay issues once, why not address LGBTQ issues again?