"I don’t bat an eye when I disclose to potential love interests my HIV positive status, but I found myself nervous to tell him."
'Jesus would encourage any love affair if it was honest and sincere'
Parade participants chanted & waved their Pride flags at the haters
"I didn't know the man"
Thanks to the country's rules, Nguyen has to compete with women.
The viral hit continues.
The actor died late last night.
The gay sangoma beat depression and sexual assaults to become a religious leader & college grad.
Woof. Grr. Woof and Grr.
Jesus take the wheel.
Nothing short of disgusting.
Congrats William and Shannan!
Was accued of kickboxing only to get closer to men
Their motive is still unclear.
Are we looking too hard into movies to find LGBT charaters when they are not there?
75% of LGBTQ survey responders say they have experienced “everyday discrimination”
These very NSFW naked pics get a gold.
One of these is far more extreme than the other two.
The list may REALLY surprise you.
Baiiiiiii six-pack.
He shattered the window after being thrown out
We're a believer. What was the catalyst for him to change his body?
When they said 'All Are Welcome' they must not have meant 'All'
But don't think the church is changing all its ways.
We sure would!
“Every day is gay pride day for me."
What would you do if you witnessed such unaccepting parents?
This could possibly mean McArthur killed more than eight gay/bi men.
14 states plus D.C. have prohibited the harmful practice on minors
A majority say they don't believe undetectable = untransmittable