...and a MAJOR change to the show is announced!
Right in the Pope's backyard!
Our favorite pro-gay naked rowers return!
And it's glorious!!
Nearly 1 in 5 gay Republicans oppose same-sex marriage. More results inside.
'Why Are Whites Always The Bottom In Interracial Porn?'
...but there's a catch, of course.
...in response to Howard Stern's controversial comments
And it's captured on live tv!
The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star says Bruce will share his journey "when the time is right."
Ready for a darker Fantastic Four?
Do tell, Charlie!
Come after marriage equality and Rep. Patricia Todd is coming for the skeletons in your closet!
The out actor's advice for Billy Crystal is ground breaking.
BuzzFeed's "Try Guys" break out the whips and chains!! (NSFW-ish)
"We made out so many times -- and it was so good!"
The perfect accessory for Rick Owens' penis cloaks?
"Do I like women? Yeah. But I like pizza, too!"
Check out his explanation on "Weekend Update"!
How did Sam Smith respond?