Why are STI rates on the rise in SoCal?
We'd say he's showing some fortitude! (NSFW)
Another slice of cake? We'd love one! (NSFW-ish)
See who expressed their support.
The ACLU usually receives $4 million in online donations in a year.
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"I hope that all Churches in the world can be inspired by this new liturgy."
The gang's all here, and they look fierce!
In response to President Trump's muslim immigration ban.
Take your clothes off, and stay for a while... (NSFW)
"I'm in love with your body..."
“Banning people [based on] their creed, race or identity, sexuality or ethnicity, [...] is antithetical to [...] our core values
Even though he legally lives and works in the US, one man's life was put on hold because of Trump's ban of Muslim citizens.
"Sometimes the sex was great, other times he just wished we could take back the last hour and a half of our lives.”
Prince William and Prince Harry, have "convened a committee to privately raise funds for the creation of the statue."
Please, Madonna, we beg you to make this happen!
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The Dorian Awards winners are announced.
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It's said to be a casualty of Trump's election.
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ABC has rescheduled the Dustin Lance Black miniseries.
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And it drops next week! (Come through, Mama Ru!)
Getting rid of the Affordable Care Act will hurt LGBTers more than anyone else?