Is this still a hate crime??
"It's a normal day in Bryant Park, until the groundskeepers start doing flips."
We are officially "hot for teacher!"
Homoerotic Disney art to kick off the summer!
And apparently he's got picky tastes!
...following historic marriage equality vote
Brace yourself for a lot of unwanted hand pregnancies...
Stay healthy, guys!!
This one's gonna hurt.
"It's a moment for us to thank the people who brought peace to our country."
Duggar's record has been destroyed at a judge's request.
A change of heart for the former President? What does it mean for Jeb?
Check out his response!
Zodiac signs portrayed as hot bearded men in underwear, well most of them in underwear.
Turkish LGBT Candidates hoping for Victory.
"Father and Son" Vacate Adoption so they can get Married to each other.
Irish eyes are Smiling today! And maybe filled with tears of joy!
And they're hotter than ever!!
Check out the findings from a new study.
Are you an ace at Home Decorating? Test your knowledge against these guides.
And that's a very good thing...
The plug has been pulled on the anti-gay faimly in the wake of Jush Duggar's child molestation admission.
Scruff takes a new step to protect global users.
They've got a lot to learn and we'll be happy to teach them!
Alouettes sign Michael Sam to a 2-year contract
"I'm sorry, I don't know where their shirts are."
...and makes us wet in behind-the-scenes pool video!
Which X-Men diva are you rooting for?
Plus a new 'XXL' poster debuts!
Will you go see the remake? One original cast member is back!
Not 300, but enough to make me very happy
Hero of the week?