"Sweet Cakes by Melissa" owners pony up for discriminating against same-sex couple
The "All American Boy" is looking hot!
It's been a pretty good year.
Does this mean we can start bringing cookie dough to the club?
It's said to be the first-ever Oscar campaign for a transgender actress.
We didn't get them under our tree, but this will do! (NSFW-ish)
Thanks, Justin!
What a way to go...
And he was allegedly assisted by his pregnant girlfriend...
Do you agree with MOOVZ's list of males that most influenced our Gay Community In 2015
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Which global underwear trend is inspiring you as you head into 2016??
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Which should you spend your money on to make you happier? Experiences or Things?
If these aren't the gayest toys ...
Let's see how this goes...
Increasing visibility on the ice rink!
We fully support their efforts!
...and KY Gov. Bevin announces a legal win for Davis and team
Yes, really.
'Twas A Night In Litchfield...
Has hell frozen over? No, but a major donation was at stake.
Have you been naughty or nice?
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"That's so gay" is explored in new doc, 'The Gay Word.'
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What changes when you date in your thirties and beyond?
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