He Prefers Masculine Females As Protagonists
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41 athletes are out so far. Last year, there were only 22.
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Falling in love with Mexico's historic state
The funds were raised from Pride Month Gear Auction
The jury's out over whether or not Tom Cruise used a "fake butt" in 'Valkyrie.'
...And Attempted Burglary, According To Reports
...For Gay People
An article from the French company caused a stir on twitter and the company scrambled to problem solve.
Colton Haynes is tan, gorgeous, and rocking a new buzz cut!
At a critics conference, the showrunner said the show will discuss it despite the fact that Versace never did.
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This includes excluding feminine men in dating, social circles, and life
... In Skintight Spandex Onsie!
Plus benefits!
Says Steve Grand: "...men have this wonderful thing between their legs..."
Michael Henry takes his Uber driver and fellow passengers to school.
They committed the murder, but then decided to run and caused a nationwide hunt.
A nice and simple video with some beautiful messages.
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...To Support Marriage Equality
Even though cat desperately needs a home, owner says no.
Flyers encourage people to join the movement
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Creator of "In the Dark" short film started a Kickstarter to make the gay athlete romance a full feature film.
"I still look around me before holding my boyfriend's hand."
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Mel B brought 'Real Housewives' style drama to America's Got Talent!