Three gay citizens committed suicide and a dozen more attempted it after anti-gay conservatives won the referendum.
The fourth month engagement ended with a double ceremony!
Her ‘Pretty Mess Tour’ heats up the east coast starting next week.
We've rounded up other key songs from the peak of the AIDS crisis, too.
If the legislation passes, Florida will be one of fifteen states to ban conversion therapy.
"If you can give straight viewers sloppy romances, you can give us a few too."
Have you seen what the hype is about yet?
“It’s inappropriate because it invites criticism and tarnishes our religion."
He's doing it for his late father, who took his life last year.
"In performance, we were, like, ‘That’s your lover.’ So in my mind, it isn’t cut.”
He certainly wasn't a hero, but was he a villain?
Politicians & Former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are sending their condolences.
Why the 72-foot spruce is the first of its kind
Would this have surprised you?
The video features Troye Sivan, Kris Jenner, Aaron Samuels and multiple shout-outs to Pete Davidson's endowment.
In 2018, splashy period pieces are finally allowed to feature gay characters and gay sex, it appears.
Student recorded officials breaking into the stall with a crowbar
His speech for World AIDS Day was filled with wild inaccuracies
Last year's suicide death rate is the highest it has been in about fifty years.
'Magic Mike' is back.
She accidentally meets his daughter on the show’s latest episode.
The victims were told it was 'tradition'
Boise shoots up the lists of most welcoming places, nicest people, walkable cities, and adult pleasures.
Scott Chen is receiving backlash for his public comments
Looks like you'll have to start taking your double shots to go
"Different families have different flavors."
"It’s hard to talk about good news in the face of another year of unacceptably high numbers of people infected with HIV."
“I said, ‘Let me out, let me out, let me out!’ just over and over until he stopped," the husband recalled.
In online chats he allegedly admitted to a 'straight guy' fetish
Brushing aside stigma, he said "We can be whoever we want to be"