'80s flashback feels and a hot guys writhing on a car? Sign us up!
Clean shaven Brad Pitt looks just as hot as he did in the 90s!
The company is in some hot water
"Deep down I knew I was gay, but I held it as my biggest secret, even afraid to let myself know."
Staging a "Die-In" To Demand Gun Reform
So handsome! (NSFW-ish!)
"I love every single one of you..."
We can't wait for Molly Shannon's episode!
His talents apparently extend far beyond the realm of acting.
They're backkkk!
Even the little ones are joining the debate
In a new update to their censorship policies, the company erased hastags #bisexuality and #transsexuals
The actor and hip hop artist shared his views at the Vanguard Awards
"I can't understand what all the fuss and commotion is about."
The judge wouldn't touch the accused's files because they were licked by an HIV+ man.
"Inside of his mind, he would rather have a dead son than a gay son."
Epic cuteness ahead, epic I tell you!
Way to go, Starbucks!
Neighbors described hearing screams in the early hours.
“She’s either 18 or 55. Either way, she’s timeless AF.”
What's the X for? Whatever Latino artists wants it to be
Legislators have introduced a bill to replace gay marriage with domestic partnership and are asking for the public's opinion.
Parents complained about the in-depth information being given to their 12-year-old kids.
"These animals need counseling because probably they have been influenced by gays."
Police are investigating this as a hate crime.
It's good... but could be better.
Three in question pleaded guilty to public indecency.
‘I was mistaken to have supported him’
Thanks, Kevin!
The movie won four prizes at the Cannes Film Festival.