"Men tend to shy away from discussion about their balls, especially if they are experiencing medical issues like cancer..."
...And swiftly deletes it.
"If my family finds out that I'm gay...they will kill me themselves."
Said one troll, "This is some homo ass sh*t.”
The cute couple highlights a new way to support our LGBTQ elders! You can do it too!
Said one student, “Never have I felt so unsupported."
Guess they don't like Adam and Steve??
The 'Drag Race' stars will show off their acting chops in the porn star's biopic!
"I want Daddy’s little girl now."
This New Orleans cop was feeling more than the spirit!
A sexy surprise! Check out this Instinct exclusive clip from Guy Branum's 'Talk Show the Game Show' on truTV!
Cheeky! (NSFW-ish!)
And here's why...
Oui, oui! (NSFW!)
Lady Gaga and Director Bradley Cooper are shooting scenes for 'A Star Is Born' at Coachella.
Said Lady Gaga, "There's a lot of shame attached to mental illness. You feel like something is wrong with you."
Garrett lost re-election & funders b/c of anti-LGBT opinions. Wants to kill bank he will be in charge of.
See Rebar's response as well as some of the claims against newest Chelsea LGBT watering hole.
Enjoyed 'gay experiences' in the past. Why not again!
Before 'Big Bang Theory,' Johnny got naked on Broadway... (NSFW!)
Ellen will celebrate the 20th anniversary of her character coming out on her sitcom with a cast reunion of 'Ellen'!!
Before his honeymoon.
According to a recent study...
...Of His Late 20s
Is GDaddy the way to find love?
Nothing but puppy love! (PHOTOS)
Well played, Southwest!
A new editorial blasts Trump's actions with regards to the LGBT community.
Artem Kolesov shares his coming out story publicly following the events in Chechnya.
Come bring us something sweet, Colton!