He and a friend were attacked outside a bar and he says it's because he's Black and Gay.
There was a wedding, but who got hitched?
He recently came out of the closet to much praise and adoration.
After the historical ruling in Costa Rica, Panama has decided to comply & move towards marriage equality.
From sharing love, to sharing hate, and asking for an Only Fans account, Twitter is all over the place again.
Not really sure if he can get any hotter than this.
It won us over with its luxury, staff, and opportunity to relax beyond belief.
Marc Jacobs, Vanessa Hudgens and... Nancy Pelosi? Yas!
Flashback to Rio in his undies.
We don't know whose more excited to see who!
He thanked someone for dressing him, but we prefer the other way around.
From health benefits, to social activity, to just being an AMAZING feeling. If you haven't had one, you HAVE to try it.
They're back... just all new guys this time.
"My ass stuck to the ice."
As if he needs one?
The vulnerable actor sadly believed that no could not be an option.
Drag Queens On A Plane, Henney! 
Slain After Kissing His Allegedly Closeted Crush
Social Media Calls For Elimination!
It may not matter if you're on the DL anymore.
We are GLEEful for his decision.
Why do each of the girls feel they are going to win?
Can everyday be leg day?
Twitter Deems FRIENDS Homophobic!
Looks like weekly pill would be more effective than a daily. More apt to sign up for PrEP?
Exclusive spaces may exclude some of our rainbow family members and their partners.
The gorgeous singer is in just a towel, but we're the ones who are wet...
"I couldn't possibly continue discriminating against others, including people of color."
We're not sure he needed it, but we'll definitely watch!
Do You Prefer Jockstraps, Briefs, Boxers, Or Commando?!