Whines Gregory T. Angelo, "Trolls think they’re being clever and they’re really not."
Now, same-sex couples coming into the region may be respected by the law.
::throws dollar bills at the screen::
Gordon Thomson is best known for playing the diabolical Adam Carrington on the 80s tv series.
This year, diversity, the sharing of culture, and the start of marriage equality was on their minds.
...And Draws About 20 People.
Charlie is serving cake! (NSFW-ish!)
"You may see the doctor now."
And some are calling it discrimination.
The blood drive is protesting the restrictive rules towards gay men donating.
Yes, this is actually happening.
‘People Deserve Realistic Portrayals’
“The beer festival or gay party is against our country’s culture."
"I'm not moving the bus until I get what I want.”
If fur is what you're into, then hit that double tap asap.
This isn't the first time government and religious beliefs have collided.
He's shown his support for the LGBT community before!
Such a cutie!
"Will & Grace is coming to town!"
The "Gods of the Stadium" shine bright! (NSFW-ish!)
'Every single man – straight, gay or otherwise – feels exactly the same.'
Celebrate with some funny tweets from bisexuals
Which Ken doll would you pick?
Ajay Holbrook shares his amazing story.
The former "Skin Wars" contestant does it again.
And the character will pop up soon!
And you'll never guess the twist at the end
And conveniently announces his new single and album for next month....
Nice snake, bro.
Men are claiming internet porn is leading to erectile dysfunction.