What did the Oscar winner have to say about the Oscar hopeful?
Here's some idea of why they called it quits, and whether or not they're still on good terms.
Surprised that we were protected against protestors?
Fix the Court, a nonpartisan judicial reform organization, stepped up to the plate
"This is not the way I would want my child ever to handle this situation…."
Ark Encounter, a Noah's Ark replica turned theme park displays no shortage of homophobia and bigoted opinions.
The handsome 33-year-old actor is best known for 'Blindspot,' 'Midnight, Texas,' and 'The Borgias.'
This is fine so long as that next album is great. (Should we be worried?)
"I've never hidden who I am so I don't understand why these individuals followed me in the first place!”
It's a welcomed return indeed (NSFW).
You're In.
More, more, more (donuts).
And using sex offender rhetoric to do it?
"The World's Best" was created by the people who brought us American Idol and The Voice.
Based on a recent decision, the Prime Minister of Australia says that nobody should be able to turn down people based on sexuality
“We appreciate that this looks like tit for tat, and it is.”
A shredded Gonzalez went fully nude for Greg Gorman in 2000.
She is titanic in 'A Star Is Born,' sure, but here are some other stars that Disney should keep in mind.
What made them unfollow?
"Being a black disabled gay man in the South I had my own fears..."
There may have been an awkward pause...
Chelsea Handler had suggested the senator had observed National Coming Out Day
The track is on new debut solo album from Migos' Quavo
To no one's surprise, the US government picked a candidate that is wholly unqualified for the position that they were given.
Life isn't that great for all those studs you double tap on.
'This f***ot will not be victimized.'
A marriage occurs as well.
He was a stripper before reality TV, and he's got the whole *package* one needs to thrive in that industry.
"I Know I'm Gay, But Can I Take You Straight to Homecoming?"
Twenty-one at the time, Shepard was tortured and left for dead twenty years ago this week.