Moody, you're racism/homophobia is showing.
"We're here. We're Queer. Get Used to It."
Get cuter guys, seriously.
Just keep doing this. It won't get boring.
This isn't the first time his sexuality has come into questioning.
What goes around comes around.
"It is days like Valentine’s Day that remind us how we get to toast to our love and never take it for granted."
'The Assassination of My Zipper' is the real story of this hot pic.
A particular redhead didn't make the cut.
A cell phone video taken during an interview reveals a shocking truth.
The policy is expected to drop later this month, and no one knows what will be on it.
Pence's staff keeps trying to get in contact with openly gay figure skater Adam Rippon, and Rippon just wants to move on.
"I took second today, so you could come first..."
Trust us, you'll be impressed.
The natural beauty of Iceland is unrivaled, and we have all the tips you need to tackle your wanderlust!
5 different men have come forward and accused him of sexual assault.
As Melissa Gorga sang, 'On display, each and every day.'
'Your Truth is Not Shameful'
Quincy Jones first confirmed it, then she gave it the stamp of approval.
Can you bring the romance and the sex if one of you are sick? The Dr says ...
"Remember when gay porn were just two guys having sex?" Said one commentor, "Yeah i miss those times too."
The Nation Revolted Seemingly Against Donald Trump!
Some may laugh, but read the story of this animal and see how sad (and gay) it really is.
New Zealand becomes the latest country to publicly fund and distribute PrEP.
All Star Drag Queens imitating all star female singers? This is weird, sensational, and gay enough to be worth a listen.
Alt-right hate group threatened to foil ratings, but they failed.
Local Legal Protections: something to consider when looking for a new home.
Hayley Kiyoko's new song and video reminds us to let some people go. Male version says otherwise.
Their fabulousness spans the entire country... hunty.
Were you more of a Dylan, Brandon or Steve kind of guy?