"25 years of self hate doesn't just go away because you come out."
Can Bill even articulate one coherent reason why he hates gays?
How many Chers does it take to get the party started?
You'll need tissues while listening to the new single, Instincters. But tell us through your tears, heart it or hate it?
Full gallery inside!
The diva clearly cast a spell on Marc Jacobs!!
Another bill bites the dust.
UPDATE: The NFL has begun their search for a replacement Super Bowl location if Arizona's anti-gay law goes into effect.
You'll wish you were born a cello...
The results—painful yet hilarious! Watch the vid after the jump.
"Accidentally"? Sure. Whatever you say!
"How dare I have to treat all Texans equally under the law?" Perry implies.
Will she score a guest star spot on her BFF's series?
A major victory in the modern civil rights movement!
But what is he trying to say with his hands?
Will other clients follow suit?
Ride it with that Accordt...
Seeks to allow even more discrimination based on Christianity...
The 'Instinct' Leading Man asks for your support!
And some members of the cast have gotten a promotion!!