He also stabbed his wife 45 times...
"I'd love to get to know you... but you want me to f*** off so sorry."
"There are exceptions, such as civil unions between people of the same sex."
And his brother joined in the fun.
Even Screech the Mascot was there to cheer them on.
This makes the third messup in the talk show's opening week.
He's 6'4 and 301 pounds. Woof!
Back in the day when Times Square was deliciously sleazy...
NBC has reported the ratings were ...
idolstripsearch actually did happen.
SWEAT, Cross-Dressing, The House Bunny Movie, And More.
...Same-Sex Marriage
Said one viewer: "Sad, just more Trump bashing from the left."
...To Raise Awareness For Testicular Cancer (NSFW)
Don't piss off the fans!
Then, they tried to censor the story afterwards.
Don't mess with Jane Fonda!
One of the bullies died on the scene.
"it’s a conversation that needs to be had."
Looks like NBC wants this whole situation to end.
"Finally, our country is joining the rest of Europe!"
LGBTQ advocates say this is a clear overreach of power and blatant attack against the LGBTQ people.
You give us joie de vivre every time we visit
Sweet, and delicious!
He uses a hat as cover up.
What was found surrounding her body?
100% USDA Certified Prime Beef!
From living in a refuge camp to critical acclaim. Vuong has come a long way.
Oh my, Pietro!