The site was down in the U.K., U.S., and Australia, and users shared their frustrations on Twitter.
The alleged incident happened on set of the 1986 movie 'Lucas.'
The city's council is now held by two gay men, a transgender woman, and a bisexual woman.
Oh, those cheeky lads! (NSFW-ish!)
"You’re going to make us all proud, Danica."
It seems life is imitating art.
What actor will replace him?
"I really don’t think she cares at all about what civil rights are.”
After disappearing after the dead body of his boyfriend was found, the police say they found him and have arrested him.
Shante you stay!
"I don't know that the porn industry is something I would call a great experience."
He lit their home on fire allegedly to be with his incarcerated bio dad.
Once Again, LGBTQ Sexuality “Distracts From The Plot”
After the actor's departure, he was kind enough to reach out to the fans to express his thanks.
And with plenty of original content
Sony Pictures tried to market the film as a straight romance, but other twitter users weren't having it.
The hyper-erotic teen beach flick was praised as Sundance and now can be viewed at home.
“I’m here not as a journalist,” she said, “but as a mom.”
The Fantastic Beasts and Justice League actor opened up about the negative feedback he got after coming out.
Lever pulled!
Gus Kenworthy on the ad: "My mom’s unconditional love and support helped me rise above what others might think."
They will star in one of the four episodes
He claims he only received positive performance reviews since he was first hired by the school district.
"That was my brother who lost his seat in the House of Delegates race in Va."
His personal Twitter was suspended yesterday.
So adorable!
For 100 years, gay sex and gross indecency remained a criminal offense in Scotland
It's not just for the ladies...
We have our first openly gay mayor in Seattle... and more!
The Beefiest Battle: DC VS. Marvel VS. X-Men